Friday, April 10, 2009

:: Am i crazy? ::

I have a "strange" habit this week. I don't know why, i will take a photo of myself everyday, i mean camwhore of myself everyday. I will feel like want to take photo, in the middle of working, or when i'm sitting on the toilet bowl..Hahahhahahahahhaha...

Maybe too free, nothing to feel boring, so find something to since my handphone located very near to me, so just grab it for camwhore session. =__="

I know i know, abit crazy....and nuts too..That's why i'm asking myself..Am i crazy??! Seems like there is a voice calling me...

"Hei, Elaine...It's time..take out your camera, and take a picture!!" - anonymous sound... Then i also follow and take the camera and shoot myself...It's like consequtive 5 days in a week already. Sounds scary huh..~~ hahahahahah~ No la, it was my imagination only...Don't scare don't scare...
Thinking logically, i think i want to trace down or keep the photos of myself when my semi-permanent lashes still "lebat", before they started to drop strand by strand. At the same time, those photos can remind me of what i've wore for the week, so i wont wearing the same outfits again and again for the same week. Hahahahah~

But seriously, i think i'm crazy, cause i even try to shoot myself while i was doing my "business" in the toilet. Hahahahah~ Snap it while i was driving, while waiting for the traffic light to turn into green, while i'm working....and bla bla bla bla... Crazy Crazy.......Don't you think so? *hahahahha* cross fingers you will say NO!

While waiting for the traffic light to turns green...

Another shot...*wink*wink*

While sitting at my cubicle

Taken in the toilet, while i was ehem..ehem...hahahahha~

Taken few minutes ago...

Another nicer shot....heheheh*

"miang = hao por = gatal" shot....HAHAHHAHAHAH

Serious + innocent shot...

Crazy.....Am i crazy??? =__="
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