Saturday, April 04, 2009

:: My "hair" extension ::

At last my dream comes true for having my semi-permanent fake eye lashes today. hahahah* The dream started when Hui Juin told me about this eye lash extension on Audrey blog, i think few weeks back. It's not like a normal fake eye lashes extension which only can be worn one time or one day the most, and you will need to remove it everytime.

This is semi-permanent which can last for 2~3 weeks, if u take good care of it. You can go to bath with it, you can sleep with it, you can swim with it, you can go wherever you want with it was stick to your original eye lashes strand by strand with "elephant glue", so it will remain longer as compare to normal eye lashes glue.

Hui Juin and I got ours at one of the beautique, named Beatique Saloon (Glitters) which was located at 1Utama, Damansara. We made our appointment at 12:30pm, and completed our "surgery" at 2:30pm, which take 1 hour per person. It cost us at RM90 per person, for at least more than 90 strands per person (my guess, as i din count it one by one)...So, average RM1 per strand. Wow, abit expensive also...hahahah~

We reached 1Utama at 10:30am, and that's the earliest trip to 1Utama for my whole life. =_="
Since we book for 12:30pm session, so we went to Old Town and had our early breakfast,then proceed with window shopping for 1 hour++, before our "surgery" session. And i manage to snap a picture with big COW too. She's cute isn't she? I mean me la, not the cow...

Big balloon cow, with a man inside

DING DONG! Our watch showing it's 12:30pm, so we find our way to that particular shop, which was located somewhere. We took like 10 minutes to look for it.....WFT!It's empty, i mean no customers by the time we reach there. I guess we're the 1st customer for the day. I started with the surgery, laying down on the bed prepared, and 1....2....3, there she goes, started to stick the fake hair to my lashes strand by strand. comfortable...GruuuuuGruuuuuu *snoring sound*

Did u see how long my lashes getting?

So as a result........Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~ Now, i do not need to apply eye liner or mascara and I can save my time in putting up the fake eye lashes.

Do you see how curly it is? Looks natural or not?

Last but not least, camwhoring session.....Please focus on my EYES!! hahahah!

Note : For those who don't know, i tried putting on real fake eye lashes before, click here to read more. This time is different from previous experience, as this looks more natural. Don't you think so? >.<
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  1. continue emo..

  2. elaine tam sook ling6/4/09 9:13 AM

    Aiyo Dolly, don't feel emo la.... come come....i sayang sayang....hahahah~~

    You will have chance to see them one...or i ask Aud, when she's going to touch up lashes again, then we go and purposely bump into them lor.... ;)

  3. How do you download?