Monday, April 06, 2009

:: Robbery at Taman Maluri Cheras ::

I know it was abit too late to update or blog about this robbery case which happened last few weeks at Taman Maluri Cheras.

I just want to show my madness and dissapointments on our Malaysia police in the failure of protecting the residents. I'm not only judging them by looking at this case, but i believe many of them happended and maybe few weeks or few months or few years back.

And what they have done to improve the situation? What they have done to gain our confidence? Nothing...i don't see anything....If they enforce the government laws good enough, the robbers will not even think to try on the robbery, and they wont choose to become the robber too.

I still can re-call how my mom being snatched in the back alley by these 2 bastards, and dragged my mom at least few metres and how the snatcher manage to ran away after snatch my favurite mom's LV's bag, her gold watch, her cash, everything inside her bag were gone within few seconds. And they even hurt my mom, resulted from the dragging on the road. !@#$%^&*@#$%@#$%">!@#$%^&*@#$%@#$%^&*(

They (i mean MALAYSIA POLICEMEN) only know how to find a way to "cheat" our money, and only know where to lepak during free times......Seriously, luckily non of my family relatives is part of them...else, i will look down on them.....

Spare some time to watch this video clip which was captured during the robbery from the cctv installed at the victim's car porch.

It happened so fast that the maid and the owner cannot do anything as the group of 6 arrives in 3 motorbikes ambushing the owner when he and the wife arrive home at about 2:45pm.

The couple came home in 2 separate cars. The whole robbery took about 2 minutes only. They had parang with them. Look at how one of them treated the owner when he came out of the house during the robbery.

Trust me! it is worth your 3 minutes to watch this. Plz take precaution whenever you are traveling home especially if gals are alone.

Plz inform your parents and take precaution.

Dissapointed, Very dissapointed,
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  1. CCTV is useless also.. cannot see anything! =__=.. I hope those bastards rot in hell forever!

  2. elaine tam sook ling6/4/09 1:51 PM

    Aiiii, ya use also...If i were the maid, sure i scream like hell! TOLONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! KAU MENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  3. I really really hate these kind of rat one leh..
    who gave them the right to snatch from others ar? they cacat izzit? go work themselves to earn their own money la..
    "yan za"!!!
    ya.. they should rot in hell FOREVER, or reincarnate back as tikus, or lipas!!! since they love snatch, rob, steal very much ma... rat or lipas fulfilled their hope as well wat...
    Some even "guo fen", they snatch and KILL!!! WTF!!!
    i mean.. HOW DARE THEY???!!! :'(

  4. Why our social become like that already.. ? :'(

  5. elaine tam sook ling7/4/09 8:00 AM

    aiii~~~~ who's fault? mereka dan keluarga mereka..=___="

    And those bloody hell and bastard police who dunno how to do their job, in keeping us live in peace and harmony.....they only know how to "eat" our money....And full-time figuring a way to steal our money and put in their own money...

    Luckily nothing BIG happened to my mom last time, else....choi tai kat lei si....But, really must be extra extra carefull nowadays...Especially old women/ladies...

  6. Ya… agree… maybe I should go learn some karate or taekwondo! Score until double black belt!!
    Because policemen are not reliable already.. =.=”
    So need to learn how to protect myself! When those bloody asshole “hm zai si” again, I can karate or taekwondo them until they forgot what’s their name!! or karate them to become “tai gam”!! muahahahaha~~~ muahahahahaha~~~~ muahahahahaha~~~~
    =.=” watch too many Charmed ones already..

  7. elaine tam sook ling7/4/09 10:14 AM

    errrr.....can i know what's "TAI GAM"? i try to translate it to cantonese or mandarin...cant find a suitable word...:-E

    And after u learn u teach us wor (polly, molly and i) so we together gether kick those assholes! But worried by the time, we manage to kick , tey already ran far far away ledi...

    I think we should learn magic instead..So we can even use our lightening (maybe can kill 6 at a time) to strike them, even though they are far far away...Too much of Maple Story ledi...=___="

  8. tai gam = tai jian = those serve maharaja at old time1 [pondan]

  9. elaine tam sook ling7/4/09 1:57 PM

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........tai gam, those who do not have "ciao chao" one is it!! hahahhahahahahahhahahah!!!

    If i were you, i not only karate them to become Tai Gam, but also karate out their butt and nipple.....beat them till "not like human, not like ghost" or " till their mother also cannot recognize them"