Sunday, April 12, 2009

:: I will kill her !! ::

I received this video link from my eldest sister last few days, with the title "See". I never thought to have such a deep feeling after watching this video. I almost cried when i see it for the 1st time, and frankly it truly left a fobia feeling within me.

This video shows how a maid abuse a small kid, i must stress again, A SMALL KID, a 3/4 years old little girl. This case happened at Singapore. How cruel this maid can be. I watched this video at office, for the 1st time, so i did not turn on the speaker, and i thought it's without sound.

But, i realize it's with sound when i show it to my mom yesterday night. And again, my heart feel so bad to that girl. How come the maid treat the kid like that? She just a kid, who knows nothing. Yeah, maybe that kid cried too much, or too naughty, or extra hyperactive and made the maid angry or what. But, she can't do that for any reason at all.

I can't imagine if the kid is my kid. For sure i WILL KILL that maid. And kick her as how she kick my kid. I tell you, the kid's bone might be broken or seriously injured after her kicking u know. How cruel she was! Grrr~~~~~~~~~~ So angry!! I really want to know what happened to the kid, and the maid after the owner recorded this video.

Will the owner sue the maid, will the kid having internal injuries, especially the brain or the bone? The maid treat the kid like a ball, kickin her like nobody business. The kid flying from the other end, to another end. And even stand on the kid....FUCK her la.....the more i said, the more angry will be....Grrrr!!!!!!!

Can i know what happen to that kind? Anyone who watched this video, and somehow know what happen to that kind, can you please share? God bless, the kid is ok.

So, the morale of the story is not to hire maid as babysitter. But, i did have a discussion with mom about the babysitting. I believe we will have the risk no matter which babysitter we engaged with. Either it's chinese babsysitter, foreigner babysitters, malay babysitter, or just anyone. How can we prevent this to happen? Nothing...we only pray to get a good and kind babysitter, and MUST MUST MUST aware of our children everyday they are with us. Check their physical condition, mental condition. That's the most we can do. I just hope i wont fall into this situation, when i have my own childrens.

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