Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: Progress of the D.I.Y card making ::

As the continuation of this, i had started the card making yesterday, 21st April 2009, 6:30pm. Initially, i plan to make 2 cards to participate but it's that not easy to come out on idea how to design the card. Let's see how much time i left after i complete the 1st one.

So, plan to keep track the progress of card making here. I spend alot of "sam si" in making this card, to aim for 1st prize RM100 gift voucher. If (i'm so lucky to win that), i will use that RM100 to buy real presents for my mother as her Mother's Day gift. What a good daughter huh... *blushing**

The theme for my card design is "LOVE". So i will utilize quite alot of love-shaped or love-shaped-alike material for the card design. I will add blink blink as well to make it looks classy and shinning from far. And anyhow, must have 3D look either on the cover or inside the cover. Sounds complicated huh....Hmmmm...i also think the same. But, "ilham" will come and go, when you're in the process of designing and making. I did not draft the card at all, as i can't think of any of them. wtf!!! poor card designer! so, that's the reason why i choose IT. *hahahah* nah~~ IT was not part of my interest also.. Forget it...

Mom is with me when i made this card (as i'm at the hall) so she definitely know i'm making this Mother's Day card for competition. So, she should know she can't own the "beautifully decorated"card, but i do have a plan to design another D.I.Y card for her actual mother's card day. *heheheheh ~ SUPRISE!*

Anyway, below shown is my 1/2 completed 1st Mother's Day card. What do you think? Got chances to win or not? It might not look good from the picture (due to phone camera lighting, and looks dark). But, please comment on the design. Do you find it interesting? *hoping you all to say yes with shining blinking eyes*

Day 1 : 21st April 2009

Completed the card cover

3D text "You're The Best" with gold text lining, i cutted myself one...*how was it?*

The 3D love on the cover. Got 4 layers one, don't play play *hahah*

1/2 completed inside card, still thinking how to decorate *hmmmmm*

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  1. So damn nice leh ur card!!!!!

  2. Elaine Tam22/4/09 8:05 AM

    Heheheh, sure or not? *hehehehh* Not yet completed the inner one...What do you think? Got chance to win or not...hahahahh~

    But my mom said, it's too "chuk", do you think so?? :* If too simple, might not be able to fight with the 3d "Kad Raya" winner...

  3. Inside not sure yet la… the wrapping paper is a bit chuk but need to see how u finish it later…

    The outside of the card is nice! Very attractive and eye-catching!

  4. Elaine Tam22/4/09 8:15 AM

    Hmmmmmm....the wrapping paper inside has lesser opacity ke wor...maybe i should use lesser.......nevermind, can show to you once it is completed...By the way, you can start send me the picture of you and your mom already..

    Let me think think how to design 2nd card......I had rouhgly think one...."Flower" as the theme for the 2nd card..hahahh~ Then i will curi all my mum's fake flower, to stick on the card! hahahhah! :-[

    Shi~~~~~~ She might not notice the "missing" of the small small flowers! hahahah~

  5. wei..... nice lehh... very 3D, love the bling-blings!  As i'm reading this i feel bad for my mom for the last mother's day card she received was when her daughter was 10yrs old..  which was like 15yers ago? aihhh.. how come your company got many of these interesting competitions/events.....

  6. Elaine Tam22/4/09 9:47 AM

    Thanks Thanks...
    Hmmm, my company HR nothing to do one, so they must do something to show that they are working, else boss will thought they are useless and R.I.F them...haha~
    I know you're good in arts/handcraft too.. So, what are u waiting for? D.I.Y one for your mother, i guess this time the card surely much more nicer than the one you created last 15 years...Haahhaha~ show me too, so i can copy cat your design tooo..heheheheh~

  7. although said already..
    i used my only 10 minutes tea break to write 1 ar....

  8. Hahahahahh~~~ U very funny la!! Wh, ur company not bad hor, still got 10 mins tea break! ok what, good  factory, good benefits! 8-)
    Ok ok ok..nice nice! i trust you.....Nice nice! hahahha~

  9. how come i receive email regarding comment ar.. =.="
    what so nice la...
    tea break 10 minutes, lunch break tolak 10 minutes.. =.="
    so u choose your self u want ur lunch break be 30 and tea break 10 minutes or lunch break 40 minutes. =.=

  10. Elaine Tam22/4/09 3:50 PM

    because i add you as the admin, to notify you that i replied your msg...heheheheh~
    Huh? like that one? then i rather have long lunch lor...hahahhah~Aii~~~ we really like "in prison", where we have very short time for lunch....
    If you late, then kena sebat! or kena kurung inside black room! =__=" :'(