Thursday, April 23, 2009

:: Completed my 1st D.I.Y card ::

Yeay! As continuation of this post and this post, i've completed my D.I.Y Mother's Card at last officially today. My 1st ever Mother's Day Card, which will be used for Mother's Day Card Competition. Plan to start another card design tomorrow, so Polly please prepare your picture ASAP. =__="

So, what you think on the completed card? Any comments? *hoping with my eyes shining and blinking again*

Card front view

Ribbon that used to tie up the card

Inside card - side view

Inside card, front view

Inside card, top

Inside card, bottom

Message to mum (message 1)

Message to mum (message 2)

Message to mum (message 3)

Message to mum (message 4)

Last but not least, the "DAY" ribbon D.I.Y logo

*happy i can sleep already*
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  1. OI!!! VERY NICE LAR!!!!!!!

  2. Elaine Tam23/4/09 9:05 AM

    Hahahahaha~ Sure or not......yes la! so happy so happy......
    So, let me know if you want to make a D.I.Y card, i'll gip you cheapest discount since u compliment me...Wakakakkakak!!

  3. eh.. the card u make very 3D look leh....
    nice nice nice..
    Polly one VERY NICE LAR, got cheapest discount..
    then me leh?
    very very very nice..
    nice nice nice nice nice nice...
    very very very very very very very very nice..
    super nice..
    so nice..
    nice nice nice...
    ~ tired..

  4. oh.. it's me...
    Donna.. =.="

  5. Elaine Tam23/4/09 3:24 PM

    ok ok, gip you discount also.........all also got...u, her, him, they, and bla bla bla.......
    I very good one.......Kakakakak!
    But Polly said the actual not very nice cause can see all the harden UHU gum! hahahahaha~~ Will try to make nicer another...haahah~