Sunday, April 26, 2009

:: The born of 3rd Mother's Day Card ::

Being abit greedy, in hoping to "sapu" as much prizes as possible for the competition, i designed 3 mother's day card for competition. *heheheheh*

This is 3rd design which is totally different from my previous 2 cards, as i utilized the whole A4 size, instead of folding it to become half, thinking to create more look for card designs. Don't worry, this size is qualified size for the competition too.

My theme for this card is "FLOWER", as i utilized the BIG sunflower (stolen donated from my mom too *hahahhaahha*), the old but usable butterfly magnet, some ribbons and beads. And the text/poem for this card as below :

"Thank you for loving me, Having me in,
All you have given, Now I hold within.
Kid in a vacuum, You made your own,
Or else, I had been Unloved and alone."

The card-front view (with empty center to place the photo of my collegue and her mother)

Card. Side view

Big sunflower, with "Mother's Day Day" text

Wish me luck,
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    Thank you So much Elaine.So  expressive beautiful flower cards.Wish you n all a Happy Mother's day.
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  2. elaine tam sook ling27/4/09 3:13 PM

    Hi Avagdro,
    Thanks for your compliments. I wonder what you want to put in the code :)