Wednesday, April 22, 2009

:: Shogun Lunch::

Mariam Azwa, my kecil molek team mate going to leave us soon. This Friday is her last day with us, so we organized farewell lunch for her. Suprisingly, we're going to have "luxury" lunch at Shogun, Sunway Pyramid.

Our heroin for the day

We departed at 12:30pm, and reached Shogun around 1:00pm. "On Your Mark, Get Se Go"!!!!!!!!!! *hahhahah* I have reserved my stomach for this luxury lunch, and i will as much as possible. *kakakakak*

I started the lunch with cod fish, chicken and prawn! Wow! heavy starter...And proceed with baked osyter, and .............. i forget what i've eaten. Let's the picture do the talking. *hahahhaahha*

Errr..posing with Hui Juin or with the chicken wing??

Sushi and Salmon Salmon..The salad is so fresh...

The Chicken Wing very good!!! Yummyy~ *actually, not that good*

Complimentary Steamboat *ended no one touch that bowl of seafood*

Some fried oyster and tempura *very hard*

Ginger "mentarang" * i guess that's what it called*

Sub-group photo with team members

ended our day with Shogun group photo!

Oh ya, the rate for our "luxury" lunch is RM33 per person, RM10 discount from it's original price RM43, as we "attack" Shogun in bigger group of more than 10pax, so discount RM217 from the overall bill. The price is not toooooooo expensive for Japanese buffet style.

Burppp~~ Full till now,
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  1. eh..besarnye u letak muka i! jerawat semua nampak tu.. maluuu

  2. Elaine Tam23/4/09 9:49 AM

    Alah, mana ader jerawat....muka licin belicin tu....licin macam belut...hahahahha~
    Heroin of the day ma, must put bigger bigger one..i dah choose "medium" when i upload dah...kalau tak, i choose "LARGE", terpikir jugak nanti nampak bulu hidung cam maner..hahahh~ So, choose medium je lah... 8-)