Wednesday, April 29, 2009

:: Pregnancy Pill ::

Opssss, i wrote the wrong post title.. It should be "Period control Pill". As you all know, my virgin Redang Trip is around the corner, a day from now, as I will depart from KL on Thursday night at 9:30pm (means tomorrow night!!! wah! so fast).

And I’d forgotten that my period is around the corner too =___=". I want to go snorkeling, and swimming. Impossible me travelling few hundred KMs,spending few hundred $$$$$ to go to Redang, just to enjoy having period on an island ke ma ......I can period at home too....F.O.C some more.... =__=”

I've bought medicine to fasten the period before, but not sure about the existence of pill to slow down the period. So, I drop by a pharmacy and asked:

“Kakak, itu ubat kasi itu darah keluar lambat sikit setiap bulan ada ka?” HAHAHHAHAH~ Nola, of course I asked professionally with elegant and classy style. *ehem*ehem*

“Hi, Good Evening. Can I know is there any medicine that can make my period arrive later? As I will be out for holiday in 1 week time”

And as expected, there is a medicine to control the period arrival date. This medicine is called Norethisterone, with the brand of NORCULUT.

It comes in a pack of 10, and I will need to eat them starting from 3 days before my actual period, 3 tablets a day before my actual period day. And the pharmacist starts asking me:

“When is your period date?”
“What you want to go for holiday?”
“Normally, your period will come faster or slower?”
“How long you want to remain no-period?”
“When you want it to come?”

Wah liao!! Like taking exam pulak! And being a super-duper forgetful person, I forgotten the actual day my period last month. And the date is not accurate every month. So, how do you expect me to answer those questions?? But I can roughly recall when, but not the exact date.

And ended bought 2 packs of Norethisterone at RM8.00 for one week supplement. I‘ve started taking it on Sunday, and will continue until I come back from Redang. My concern is whether it will work or not, as:

1) I’m not 100% sure my last month’s period date
2) My period is not constant every month
3) I took 3 tablets at a time, where it should be taken one tablet at a time, for 3 times a day *I only know it today!!!! After surveying for Norethisterone online! All itu Pharmacist punya pasal! Just said “Eat 3 tables”, then I asked “Must 3 tablets so a lot ah?”, then she answered “YES!”

So, for those who plan to buy this, remember eat 1 TABLET AT A TIME, for 3 TIMES A DAY!!!

Stupid dam dam, Elaine...just hope it wont spoil my plan,
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  1. eh... i also never remember mine1 leh...
    "they come" whenever they want to come visit and bye bye whenever they wanna bye bye..
    that's all i remember.. =_________="
    Happy redang trip.. I last night also go take back all my redang pic.. T__T
    everyone also looks so happy in the pic.. made me miss redang tim..

  2. cont.
    C Polly got 1 video for our redang pic.. ask her to show u la..

  3. elaine tam sook ling29/4/09 1:33 PM

    hahhahaah, rupa-rupanya not me alone who so forgetful......ya, i beer jote it down every month. So ma fan~~
    Ya, i hope i can enjoy with "period-free" holiday, so i can do whatever i want! And wear whatever i want...But i read from net, this period pill will make people bloated! I guess, cannot show to much of bloated tummy wearing bikini. :(
    Will take alot alot alot pictures, but since only Leong and I going there, so you will only see my picture alone, his picture alone, OR CLOSE UP *camwhore*) of us.... =__=

  4. elaine tam sook ling29/4/09 1:34 PM

    Video? show show show me moe?? where is the video?????i wan to see...hehehehheh~

  5. this is wakc!!!!

  6. what is this suppose to be?!?! i mean seriously!!! like some chicks diary for pp; to see?! u knw waht i think of this??? WAY to much time on ur hands chick do something elsewith ur time!!! please!!!!

  7. Ano : This is my blog, and I got right to write and do whatever I want. Thank you for dropping by appreciate if you could respect people.

    Did i show my XXXXX here? WTF! This is call online information sharing! Please go and well equip yourself with this. Else, SHUT UP!