Wednesday, April 08, 2009

:: Presents for little one ::

It's her 2th birthday soon, it's Amanda Lee's birthday on this coming 12th April. And she is throwing her bash party at McDonald, Damansara.

In blink of eyes, she going to be 2 years in few days time. Isn't that fast? Can u imagine how fast she get taller inch by inch, getting heavy gram by gram, hair getting longer cm by cm, hand and leg all getting bigger and longer. It's so fast. I can't imagine how fast it will be, if i have my own childrens..Uhhhhh~~

So back to Amanda birthday, i've been scratching my head and my brain thinking on what to buy for her as gift. Toys? Clothes? Bags? Accessories? Books? Shoes?

Suprisingly, i saw mom bought her a very special "House Cleaning Kit" toy for her birthday. The kit includes broom, vaccum, mop, etc. So farny...~~~ And it's a quite special gift as it has alot of advantages, whereby can train Amanda to become housewife (since she is a kid), train her to clean her own room/house, help mother to clean house. Hahahahah~

Since my mom bought her such a special gift, i must buy at least equivalent special gift also. Hahahahah~

Hmmmm..any idea? any suggestion? any recommendation? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me, else i need to crunch my head and take out my brain.... *wink*wink*

Our little princess, Amanda Lee (b'day girl) & Sandra Lee

Waiting for your suggestion,
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  1. know i know what mom bought for Amanda...

  2. elaine tam sook ling8/4/09 1:10 PM

    Hahahaha~ u know it in advance or only know it now? Shit~~ if thats the case, does that mean i disclose MOM's secret to you? Alamak~~~

    Die la this time....hahahaha~ :-P

  3. comelnya!! i link chinese look punya baby.. gerammm..hiihhh

  4. elaine tam sook ling8/4/09 3:12 PM

    Hahahahah~ i also like to see cute baby..........sungguh geram right...hahaha~ macam nak tanggalkan dia orang punyer pipi yang tembam jer...hahahah~