Friday, April 10, 2009

:: Yes, we won, again ::

Opppsss...I did it again...hahahahaah~ Nope, i should say we did it again.....

As blogged earlier here, we formed a group of 3 to join in inter-departmenr bowling competition, which held today. We left once company bell ringing indicate it's 5pm. I'm the earliest to reach the bowling alley, to choose my favourite and suitable ball. I choose 2 balls 10kgs (blue color) and 11kgs (orange color) respectively.

"The Turkey Buzzzard", our group name...sounds terror huh!

Everyone started to reach by 5:45pm, and everyone seems to be patiently waiting at their respective lanes. Our lucky lane is number 4, which is the same lane that we used to practise 2 days ago. *wink*wink*

Sharp 6pm, the organizer flag her "rag" handcherchief *hahahhah* indicating the "GAME IS STARTED NOW!". I'm the 1st one to throw in my group, and that was stress. However, i manage to spare the 1st throw. Yuhuuuuuuuuuuu~~ Nice start ha...

The game begin!!! TSL, thats me!! Me!!

Suprisingly, we won by achieving the highest score among all other teams by getting over 400 points. *happy happy*. Too bad....i forgot to snap the result of our!!! So, can't really show you the overall result in our team. I only remember mine, which is 148 points with the overall point over 400. Out of 10 throws, 1 strike, 6 spares, and 3 open throw. For me, i think at least i manage to spare as much as possible. Maybe not enough to strike to get higher marks, but at least i spare half of them.

Ei, clap hand la....i tried my best already ok...*clap clap clap*...ok ok! Thank you!heheheh..continue...

our result-dummy one...forgot the take photo!! Grrrr~~

All of us managed to finish our throw at 6:45pm, and complete the event with the award giving ceremony. Jeng Jeng Jeng..presenting our winner for the day...

"The Turkey Bazzard"!!! *clap clap clap*

And we received the mystery prizes in envelope...Sigh~~ Can you guess what is it???? It's RM20 Jusco voucher.....I mean RM20 for each of us, so total of RM60.

For me, i think it's wayyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooooo little leh...If LE not sponsoring, means we are paying RM7 (for a game) + RM2 (shoe) = RM9. With the grand prize winning, we earn RM11 as the winner who scored the most among the teams.

Addition we spend RM14 for practising, to we still rugi RM3 for participating and winning the competition. Turfffff~~~So, now you judge..we are lucky or not lucky? And how about those who did not win? Wasted their RM7 + RM2 = RM9.....

But but...yet, i still blessed that we won...And it's to release stress to get more work & life balance...Ok ok! Thank God for blessing us, to win that RM20 cash voucher. Hahahhaah!

Big group photo 1....2....3....5....7.... can you count how many heads in total?

With "him"

With another "him"

Our mystery gift for the day, RM20 =__________="

Who scored 148 for today's game,
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