Friday, April 24, 2009

: SALE! SALE! It's SALE! ::

Hui Juin and I went to this Metrojaya Warehouse Sale yesterday, after our work. We reached there at 5:30pm, and started our shopping soon after we found our nearest parking, and walk for 3~5 minutes to Stadium Shah Alam entrance.

We plan to go row by row starting with the curtain/bedsheet area (but ended skipped some of them because it is too many rows, and we do not have enough time). The silk curtain was so nice, and i do have the intention to get it in advance for my new house. But, Hui Juin said "huh?!!Need so to buy so early mou?" *=____=" Ya, abit too early as i only will be getting my new house next year March, so intention was spoilt and cancelled!

Then proceed with the man-category whereby Hui Juin bought PANTIES for ML. hahahahah~ What a good girlfriend, and tell you all a secret, ML wear "L" size! Very big huh..... *hahahahhahh*

Man-area, taken while Hui Juin shops for shirt for her "L" panty-sized-boyfriend *hahahha*

Then proceed to women's area, wherewe found some branded brand like East India, Somerset Bay, Goggle, Body Glove, and etc having their 70~80% sales. I bought a pinky dress from Somerset Bay, which suitable to be worn to both casual and dinner events. Original price for this dress is RM149.90 and it's having 70% discount, and it cost me only at RM44.70. Cheap isn't it? But Hui Juin bought NOTHING. =___="

Last but not least, "COSMETIC & FRAGRANCE" area, where we queued for 10 minutes to get into that area. It was the last area, where only limited people are allowed to ensure we get enough space to walk and shop. This is the area where we LOST OUR CONTROL! You can find very cheap cosmetics and fragrances here which includes RM3 Lip Gloss, RM5 Nail Polisher, RM10 Foundation, RM30~RM120 Fragrance and more. The branding includes Revlon, Maybelline, Stilla, Burberry, Prada, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

Queing to "Comestic & Fagrance" Cosmetic Area

Hui Juin got her Revlon nail polisher (RM10) and Stila Lip Gloss (RM25), while i got my Revlon Serum Liquid (RM10), Maybelline Lip Gloss (RM10) and Silky Girl Foundation Powder (RM20). Thanks to my sense of control, i did put back some items back before i made the payment, by thinking rationally and logically... hmmmm..i still have not finish my existing one such as facial foam.

We finished and made the payment at 7:30pm sharp, and that's when the warehouse sale closed their entrance door. Fuuuuhh~~ Tired and hungry, we decided to drop by Giant to get the "expensive + long waiting list + chinese-style but sell by Malay CHAR KUEY TEOW".

Hui Juin with her "pedas" char kuey teow

And me with my "kurang pedas" char kuey teow

But, the char kuey teow taste not bad and it's not as oily as normal char kuey teow, maybe because i requested with less chilis. There goes our Thursday Shopping Day, and i've spend RM100+ for this trip. Shit!!%^&*()_)(*&^%%^ I must learn how to control my eagerness in shopping. I should watch "Shophalics" movie repeatedly to remind myself. *hahhahaha*

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  1. ...........
    Shopping with you no P&C at all.... =____="

  2. Elaine Tam24/4/09 1:49 PM

    Aiyah, nobody come to see my blog one......the regular customer also you and dolly nia...hahaha~ apa mau takut... :)