Monday, April 27, 2009

:: Quick Update for today::

Hui Juin, Donna and I were discussing on "WHY HUI JUIN'S PHONE CAMERA CAN TAKE CLEAR PICTURE", and ours cannot!!???!!

Ya ya, Hui Juin's phone is K Series with 3.5 Mega Pixel Camera capability while ours (Donna and mine) having only 2.0 Mega Pixel camera capability. Aiiii~~~

So, trying to prove that my RM400 camera not that "pah lia", so i camwhore myself with different mode of lighting/camera effects. And came out with pictures below, different color-tone with the same pose of me.

Forgive my dark eye circle, as that was inherit from my parents. =___=". And my make up failed to cover it, and yu guys terpaksa see it. Sorry, ma treat it like watching a "panda" in zoo lor....

And another camwhore pose is with my toes, with my socks ...errrr..with my toe outside of my sock...hahahahh* I had a "berlubang" sock today, no wonder i can feel the cold'ness of my toe inside my shoe. *hahahahh* Pai seh pai seh~~~

Shi~~ Don't tell anybody....."It" will feel shame shame one..hahahah~

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  1. 3.0 Megapixel, not 3.5 -.-

  2. Elaine Tam28/4/09 9:22 AM

    =____=" You mentioned 3.5 MP in mail ok.........hahhahahh~ By the way,added the icon at the bottom of mail already =___=" Happy or not???...heheheheh~

  3. =____________="
    your toe..

  4. Nice leh, my toe!!hehehehehehh~ Bulat and licin...........heheheheh~
    Do you feel like want to lick it when u see it??? And ur swallow ur saliva, and feel want to lick it like how u lick ice-cream...... Got hor....heheheh~ i also feel the same...HAHAHAHHAH~

  5. How do you download??!