Thursday, April 02, 2009

:: "You've WON"::

This is what my manager wrote as her "email" title to us, after watching our presentation. You must be wondering what presentation, and what make her said that.

IT and Purchasing joint forces to participate in a group project enhancement competition, named as Kaizen+ Internal Project Competition today.

We've developed a project named as "Budget Planning Consolidation Consolidator" as our Kaizen DMAIC project to pass as Kaizen Practitioner. Who knows, our manager "encourage (more to force)" us to participate in year 2009's competition. So, there we goes in this competition today.

We will need to prepare the presentation slides, we will need to prepare for the presentation, we will need to prepare to answer questions, we will need to prepare to present it in front of judges and audiences.

Thus, we need to prepare alot of things, and we started the preparation like 3~4 days before the actual day. Can you believe it? So, we ended up changing the slides again and again, rehearse again and again to prepare ourselves for today's presentation.

I'm the 3rd presenter, and i'm so nervous till lik dying...No no....i should say, nervous till want to i will feel that way, everytime i felt nervous..~~ =___="

Opsss, out of topic, back to why my manager said "You've won". She was there to see our presentation so do the MD. Both of them did mentioned we did well in our presentation and Q&A session. So, thats how the "You've won" come from.

"It was a really good presentation & good teamwork from all of you for the Kaizen+ session today. It is evident that you have put in your best effort & I have no doubt that you’ve enjoyed yourselves in the process of preparation. You have also handled the Q&A well, demonstrating your one-for-all & all-for-one spirit.

The MD was sitting two seats away from me during the session. He commented that it was an impressive presentation, & a good demonstration of teamwork!

Regardless of the results, all of you who have been involved directly or indirectly to make it happen – you’ve won! Bravo!" - LE Loi

It's so happy when hearing her and him giving us compliments. And oh ya, forget to mention, the grand prize for the competition is RM1,800!!!!!2nd price is RM1,200 and 3rd prize is RM800..

However, our group consists of 9 peoples, so if we're lucky we can get RM200 per person. WoW!!! Pray for us ok! O-MI-TO-FU....Aliluya~~~~

Updated: YES! We won! But not the 1st prize, but Silver. So, we got RM1,200 as well. So not bad......Thanks for those who prayed for us! Yeehaaaaa~~~so, can buy new shirt tomorrow!!! hahahhha~

Our group. 1..2..3...4..5..6...7..8...9...Total of 9 peoples!! Yoh, i look fat in the video!!! =___="

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  1. WOW~ As the day i knew u, u r always WON! So no doubt for u to win the RM200 this time! Well done!! ;)

  2. elaine tam sook ling3/4/09 8:04 AM

    Hahahaha~ i also hope i can always win, man! 8-)

    But the result haven't out yet, yet to know who will win this competition..just pray kuat kuat only....

  3. Each ppl get RM 133.3333333333
    yoh~~~ so good...
    but the video langsung tak dengar.. =.="

  4. elaine tam sook ling4/4/09 5:28 PM

    Hahahahha~ cause the video is without sound one la...=___=" only action only...hahahaha~, that's why u cant listen to any sound lor....hahhahh~

  5. elaine tam sook ling4/4/09 5:31 PM

    Yves..we won!! 2nd get RM133.33333 per person...heheheheh~ yuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~