Sunday, June 01, 2008

:.. My First Time ..:

My first time buying and wearing fake eye lashes. I bought them at Sasa exhibition, which was organised at Sunway Pyramid's ground floor. Since it was my first time, the nice promoter helps me to wear it to ensure i know how to wear it for the next time.

Suprisingly, i (my eyes) looks totally different with the fake eye lashes, as you can see from the pictures below. Maybe it's because of my original eye lashes was so short, thus make the differences so obvious to compare. I admit i have a "cute" and "short" eye lashes. Not enough nutrien to grow, what to do.. -_-''

Now, i started to agree with some of the statements made by some ladies,
"You will look different, if you are willing to invest money and time to groom yourself..",
"There are no ugly woman, but there are lazy women in this world" (direct translation from a chinese proverb).
Here i am, starting to "groom" my eye lashes... Bluekkk!!

"Without" and "with" the fake eye lashes

The fake eye lashes and the "glu" from SaSa


  1. issit? hey show me how ur face looks different with ORIGINAL looks la! haha! only capture this close-up pic!aiks!


  2. Woi~~~ Ur back at last!!
    Ok Ok..will take one, when i wear it for next time....