Monday, June 02, 2008

:.. Watch your mouth, please! ..:

Please watch your mouth! You think i like to ask you things? You think you are the best over here? You think you are my father/mother?Who do you think you are!

If you want to explain, just explain..If you do not want to, keep your mouth shut and go the hell out of here..I thought only woman will have emotional moments, i can't imagine guys even worst!

I don't understand why he so emotional? Come on, we are in the same boat, in the same company, why you must raise your voice, making me so stupid in front of peoples? If you think you are great, then do it! It's very easy to say "Nevermind, i'll do it!"

I hate people raise their voice when talking to me, especially when i'm not! If i am few years back Elaine, sure i will raise my voice back to you, even throw out some )(#*%()*$&^)($*^)#$(. Don't challenge me! try me if you want to!!!!!



  1. what did he say to u? n wat did u ask him?

  2. Arrrhhh~~ Dowan say anymore....Bengang! He memang like that one, did not use his brain to think..

    Not knowing people will hurt by his words...