Thursday, June 19, 2008

:. Blackout .:

6:10am : Kring!!! The phone alarm is ringing..It's time for me to wake up.

6:20am : Finished brushing my teeth, cleaning my "eye-shit a.k.a tahi mata"

6:22am : All of a sudden --> blackout..All of the surrounding was dark..

6:23am : I was so shocked, as i can't see anything even the object is just 1cm in front of me..I stunned for few seconds before manage to recover my eye sight, and to re-start my brain to function in thinking what to do next.

6:30am : I went down to look for the electric main switch. It's all normal, nothings went wrong. I went out and look around to check whether neighbourhood having the same situation. OMG! It's just our house! Other's still have lights from their room, their hall-room, even in their toilets!

6:40am : I grobe around to find something to light me up, so i can take my bath. I can't go to work without bathing. I will feel unease, and feel uncomfortable. LUCKILY, my 6th sense help me to find a box of candles, that my nephews bought last time during lantern festival to light up the lantern.

6:55am : I tried to call 103 (TELEKOM Hotline) to look for TNB Hotline. "Calling Hotline to get Hotline...", and called them to tell them our situation. "Ok, we will send technician to investigate. But it takes 2-3 hours"-said by TNB operator.

7:00am : I wake my mom, and ask her to stay till the TNB technician come to fix it. Before i manage to continue further, i got scolded!

"LING! Why u called TNB?! Why u called them (government)?! We cannot call TNB to fix it!!!!!!! Cause.... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!! Call them to ask them better not to come!!! and bla bla bla bla bla....."

7:05am : I move my butt into the car immediately (merajuk), and chao~~~to work...Tak pasal pasal, kena scolded early early morning! Aiii~~~Bad day for me!


  1. Your house did something to the meter until cannot let TNB ppl cheack ar..

  2. wah u wake up so early daily ar....

  3. Steph, yea...Alarm set to ring at 6:00am, snooze for at least 10-15mins.."Lan Chong".. Hehehe!

    Yung,'s up for you to guesss..Heeheh!