Saturday, June 07, 2008

.. I almost cry ..

Bumpppp!!Krakk~ Krakk~~(try to simulate the sound)..
BOBBY got hit! By a white colour kancil, just in front of my house's gate. OMG! I screamed like nobody, seeing him being hit and went to underneath of the car..

I scream "Arghhhh~~", and all my family members went out to find out whats happening. But at a sudden, Bobby's ran out from the car, and quickly run back inside house while screaming like nobody as well (just like me~)

The scary story begin when i bring him out for a walk, at the same time escorting Leong to take his car which was park the next road, in front of my house. As usual, Bobby will "run very fast-just like jet" by the time i open the gate. He will run anywhere, to find a spot for his "business making project-yes..shitting and peeing".

But suddenly i saw a car (that bloddy hell with his/her white kancil!) coming from the junction, and i quickly shout at Bobby to come nearby me, so i can make sure he is safe from those bloddy hellllll who likes to speed even though its just a small road (residential area). But unfortunately, Bobby was unlucky today to meet that bloddy hell...I guess somebody is sneezing continuously now...

Bobby just stopped in the middle of the road, hearing me shouting at him. Too panic i guess, keep on running to free himself knowing hinself stucked underneath of a car. After struggling for, lets say few seconds..At last he manage to come out from the underneath of the car, which was still moving at that time. This mean that bloddy hell does not plan to stop his car at all~ What a cruel driver!

LUCKILY, not much injuries, no broken bones most importantly. Just got scratch on his jaw, and bleed. He was shocked and i kept him in my arms for at least 2 hours to calm him down, and Fuh~~ He stopped shaking after that. I caress him, and make sure he can walks as usual. Not energetic as usual, maybe somewhere is swelling. I massage his legs and hands, to ensure nothing is broken or injured.

I learned my lesson, and i will make sure i buy a neck strap to tie him up while bringing him out a step from my house. Poor Bobby.....

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