Monday, June 23, 2008

:.. B'day Gift from Spansion ..:

This is my first year celebrating my birthday with Spansion (since i only joined for 6 months). Spansion has a tradition in keeping track each employee's birthday everyday, and send us some sourvenier as our birthday present. Not only that, they will set a date for cake-cutting celebration too, even though the cake will look and taste the some for every month. However, this is how Spansion show their appreciation to its worker, and to keep HR busy.

I received a mini-sized card, with most of MES+Business+Infra's collegues signatures. unfortunately, some of the signatures are without name, so i need to guess to get their pictures, to be paste next to their signatures. Let me know if match wrongly -_-''

Not only that, birthday boy/girl will get RM10 McDonald Vouchers as the complimentary gifts. Not bad la, at least i can get a medium value meal (Mc Chicken set, Kids Value Meal, Fillet O'Fish set). THANK YOU SPANSION, and Thank you all for your signatures.

The birthday card, with their signatures.

Thank you Spansion..

McDonald's Gift Certificate RM10, don't play play~~

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  1. why, muka i tak ada at the card? tak aci..heheheheh