Monday, June 30, 2008

:.. Pressie from Hitz FM ..:

"Honn Honnn!"- The sound of a motor hon, on Sunday morning. A motorist looked for 'Elaine Tam Sook Ling', yeah, that's me! I urge to go and see whats delivered to me. Who knows, Mr Leong give me a suprise by sending me flowers, or special gift through delivery man! Hahahha~~ Dreaming.. He is not that romantic...

Unexpectedly, the Casio cash voucher that i won last month by calling in to participate in "Yes-No-Ummm-Ahh" game was delivered today, at last. Else, i will not hesitate to spread the news that there is one radio station cheating or conning the audience's telephone bill by calling in every morning.Haha!

It was a piece of A4-sized printed paper, stating that I had won the cash voucher and i can redeem the values by purchasing any Casio-brand watches at one of the shop watch at Giant Hypermarket Shah Alam. So, being a good and obedient and loving daughter, i decided to hand it over to mom, knewing she want to buy a watch. Could save her RM100 at least.

"Mom, this RM100 (yat-pak-kau --> hundred in Cantonese) voucher is for you, to buy any watches"-
Elaine (I'm expecting a hug and kiss actually. Hahahah! Mana tau i got such response....

"RM8 (pat-kau --> eight ringgit in Cantonese), mana cukup!"-Mom.

Want to vomit blood man.... :) Then spending at least 10 minute explaining to her the source of the voucher. So ended up, Daddy and her went to the Hypermarket that evening to get a watch by using that voucher. Fuyohhh~~She is so efficient!!

The voucher is here! Is here! At last!

Casio Watch worth RM199 - RM100 (Voucher) = RM99


  1. :) I'm good girl all the while.. Don't you know.. Bluekk~`