Monday, September 19, 2016

After so long~

After so many years back, I'm back hopping by to my long-abandoned blog to mesmerize the memory I used to have. 

There are so many old posts that I shared ranges from my personal feeling, family matters, love moments.. and recently found a post that I shared about my poo colour! hahahah!

This make my hand itchy to continue in blogging to jot down more memories before i could ever forget. Dont' you think so? Based on the statistic, it seems there are some random people who popped by my blog mainly searching about "Alpha 18i" hahhah, in which I bought years ago back on 2012 for my new house at Klang (not new anymore now).

I think mainly if there is search, there will be people who search through google, and apparently found my posts. That's how the blogging influences works. 

I guess, I will do more post fo my Nuffnang advertisement could generate more side revenue ba.. :p 

For now, allow me to spam you with some cutie photo of my daughters, my both lovely daughters in the recent HIT apps, SNOW.

In blink of eyes, my both daughters, Ellysia & Valerynn has grown up. Both are 2 yrs old ++ and 7 months old respectively. 
Can you imagine how I could deliver and raise them into what they are today? I myself couldn't believe it neither. Maybe that's what people always say, when it comes, it will comes. 

Was back at hometown last weekend, when my BIL introduce me the latest apps called "SNOW", in which have alot of cutie icons , animated gadgets / accessories for your selfie.

Send fun video messages to friends on SNOW!
Take videos with hilarious face effects and send them to your friends instantly.
You can respond to snaps from friends with texts and animated GIFs as well.
LIVE makes sharing your moments with friends easy, speedy and fun

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