Monday, June 29, 2009

:: Post belated Father's Day Celeberation::

You must be wondering why “post Father’s Day Celebration” when the actual Father’s Day was last week Sunday, a week over.

Thanks to Steph and May for being clever and intelligent enough to make this wise decision to celebrate it this weekend to avoid overwhelm, congested and crowded restaurant during actual Father’s Day. We did inform our beloved dad, get his consensus on our plan, and he agreed. Phewwww~~

We had been discussing where to have our dinner for at least 1~2 weeks earlier. We faced many problems for the arrangement, includes:

1) Where to eat, Puchong or Kg Subang? *which one nearer, which one more delicious*
2) How many tables, since we had 15 in total? 1 big table or 2 small tables? – * considering whether will we feel packed in 1 big tables, or being away for having 2 tables*
3) What dishes to order? Fish? Chicken? Prawn? * considering Dad and Mom health conditions need special care on dishes selection *
4) How much budget we need to set for the dishes? * considering financial issue. Haiizzzz~ *
5) How should we divide the parts? How many share? *still go back to financial issue *

So at last we decided to have our dinner at Choong Fong Restaurant which was located at Kg. Subang, which recommended by Hui Juin and agreed by Steph and May.

Ok, let’s begin how we celebrate our post-belated-Father’s Day celebration. We started Sunday morning by bringing my parents to go for a breakfast at Sri Muda, and then move forward to Stephanie’s house.

We need to bring both my parents for a massage at a acupuncture center which was located at Kepong. My mom needs to massage her leg due to last time sprain, while my dad needs to massage his hand due to a drop last week. Sigh~ Both of them are 57 and 66 years old this year and they are getting older and older from day to days. Seems like their health condition getting bad from day to days. They get sprain very easily, they drop very easily, and get hurt very easily. And the worst thing is, they get cured very slowly. It makes me feel bad, same goes to both of my sisters. Another worst thing is when knowing nothing we can do to help, feeling so helplessly.

Let’s put the emo things aside, and finish the Father’s Day posting. Then after the acupuncture and massaging session, we brought them for hi-tea at this Dessert Stall which was located just few streets from the acupuncture center. We had lots of snacks and dessert. Hmmmm..Yummmmmm~

RM7.40 for 6 pcs of SIU MAI

Pandan Pan-cake

Peanut-dessert (fa-sang-wu)

HAM chessie roll

After finishing our hi-tea, I drove mom to nearest SportsTOTO for money collection! YES! My mom hit a number which she bought on Saturday!! 3883! My mom bought I-Box RM6, and the number being drawn for RM200 Special Prize. My mom won RM204 for hitting that number! What a lucky day, and I manage to snap her picture holding the money! My mom so sporting… When I snap the photo of the shop, my sis told my mom “you’ll be advertised again this time”, knowing I will blog about it here. Wakaakkakak~

Sports toto!We are coming to rob you!

Mom looking for the receipt anxiously.

Yeehhhaa~ RM204!!! :)

How happy is Mom holding the money!

Moving forward,we drove back to Stephanie’s house for little rest before depart to the restaurant. They sleep a while for few hours, and we depart to Kg. Subang at 6:30pm. Amanda being so cute in her cute black-gray stripe dress makes me feel so urge and camwhore with her before depart.

We ordered 8 or 9 (Steph, how many in total ah?) dishes, which includes Pork Ribs, Tauhu-Spoon (Yu-soup-alike), Sambal-Kangkung, Steam-Fish, Sweet and sour tomato fried pork (Ku-lou-yuk), Onion Chicken and few more.

Suprisingly, 12 adults and 4 kids’ meal only cost us at RM262.00. wtf!!! Very cheap right? Maybe we ordered normal dishes, we did not order prawn, and we did not order crabs or abalone. But I think all of them enough to make us full like hell. =___=”

Upon finishing the meal, we called for billing. But, Steph being creative enough suggested a “simple-money-earning-game” whereby each of us will contribute RM1 per person to fill up the jackpot, means RM10 in total. The funniest thing is May said upon passing the money to me for collection, “Wah liao..even more expensive than buying a lottery. I only use RM1 to buy lottery only, now need to use RM2 for my husband and myself”. Hahahaha~ wtf! May, you so kiam la! Hahahahah~

The jackpot!! I WANT I WANT I WANT!~

And we will choose a number from 0-9, guessing the last number of the invoice/bill number/receipt number.

Eg: Inv No : 123985586 (the last number is 6). So, whoever guessed correctly will be able to grab the jackpot. Wtf! You can earn money by just pick a number ok!!

Number Picking for the day
Elaine : 6
Stephanie : 8
Lee : 0
Sally : 7
Brother : 4
Mom : 1
Dad : 3
May : 2
Kong Hock : 9
Siao Chui & Tam Weng Loon : 5

The moments have arrived where the receipt is here and guess who guess it correctly?

The receipt number is A195117, Yes, it’s “7” and the winner is Sally, my eldest sister in law for picking "7" and she grabbed the RM10 from the jackpot. A simple game and little amount of money for a cheerful moment towards the end. Good Job Stephanie!

wtf!! why it's not "6" leh!!!! WHy?!!! why?!!!!!!why?!!!!

Sally, with her jackpot money! T_T it should be mine....weueeekkk!!

After finished with our meal, continues with camwhore session, a MUST event for any family gathering. I took photo with my parents, took photo with my sisters, took picture with my niece, and not to forget with my entire family member. The family members is growing bigger and bigger. I guess we need to arrange 3 rows instead of 2 rows now. =__=”

Me with little princess again. FYI, the dress was imported from JAPAN!

Ng's Family photoshoot

Mom, Dad and Kah Hoe while waiting *they must be very hungry, obviously potrayed from their faces*

Two mummies with two babies

Baby talks ya.~~~So, can communicate?

All enjoying the food! Guys! Gals! ATTACK!

Tam's sisters

OMG!Sandra, how come you can grow so FAT ledi one!! What you eat! OMG!! WTF!! FML!! LOL!

Few more family photoshoots

Me with my dad and mom. Dad, neck "chao kan ah?"

There you goes, "hap-ka" family photoshoot

Happy belated Father's Day dad! :)

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  1. Yo all, Steph, May...updated our event liao! Hehehehehehh~

  2. eh.. the 2 babies look very alike leh..
    hahaha.. maybe your future kid also will look like your sisters' babies..

    so.. no hope for Korea baby liao.. but Tam's babies also cute wat.. ho ho ho...

  3. Dolly : Alike meh? One fatter/plumpier than the other leh.....

    Cis~ I want Korea Baby!!! I wANT I WANT!!!! I WANT!!!!! How to get those Korea baby look kids ah......aiiii...

  4. I know i know~~
    find yourself a Korean's sperm..

  5. someone tell let say u pregnant time everday c the cute baby v big eyes photo..tada...ur baby will slightly same wor...
    coz i hv a fren husband n wife v small eyes...but use to c baby v big eyes at last their son handsome n big eyes...hehe

    erm...another good idea is married korean man...haha (later someone will kill me) @@

  6. Not true wan.. =.=”
    My mum’s family has BIG EYES. My dad’s small eyes..
    During my mum pregnancy aka carrying me, she pasted a super duper cute baby pic on the wall and tengok hari hari..
    Now, the result shows, I got my dad’s eyes.. T__T
    But still can go try geh… =.=

  7. Mei : Hmmmmmmm...if I had an Indian collegue next to me, then i accidentally see hime veryday, then my kids ma looks like Indian?? wah liaooooooo~ Hahahahah~ But, I heard that legend too....

    Dolly : HAHAHAHH~ Dolly, maybe your mom look at your dad more as compare to the baby...HAHAHAHH~That's why u got your dad's eye.. :p

    So next time, ask your mom dont look at your dad at all! =__="

  8. =___=”
    Ya.. I think my mum realized it too..
    That’s why I two younger brothers have big shinny eyes..

  9. So Dolly was a sample. -___-"

  10. nice fathers day celebration...i brought my dad to kim gary to have lunch....

  11. Dolly : So next time, must paste the KOREAN actor all over the house!! ANYWHERE!!!! :)

    Vialentino : Kim gary..Also not bad...chinese style...I think suit uncle's Vialentino's appetite well :)

  12. wow~ my dear Msia Yong Si kei appear again!!
    fuyoh..her mummy sm mr kena TOTO leh!!!
    so happie saw nice nice food there o!!
    aiyerrrr..make me more n more hungry lo!!
    my dear Msia Yong Si Kei, when u wanna spend me makan those nice nice food leh..hehhe :P

  13. Lisa717 : *blushing again* mummy kena! Too bad not me! If it was me! I willl blog my face big big here! Hahahahah~

    Hmm...the food not really thatttttttt good. Just average. Not strongly recommended. :p

    Treat? Anytime Lisa... :)