Wednesday, June 03, 2009

:: Random Pictures ::

I designed not only one, not two but three!!! Yas, I know i've been repeating the same again and again...But please forgive me, this is my biggest achievement in my life!! hahahahah~

"Family photoshoot" for all my Mother's Day Cards! I know it's bit outdated, but sian'ness is killing me!! I must find someting to continue my day!! Please bear with me! Hahahahha~

Take 1 * without flash*

Take 2 * with flash*

Ok, now more photos me and my new baby, MYVI!! How? I got potential to become GT Gal who stand and lying in front the sports car in the showroom?? haahahahh~ *wuekkk~~~ Wuekkk~~~ * I also feel want to vomit when typing this~~` *wuekkk~~ wueeekkk~~* Continue~~~

Pheewwww wittttt~~~ So beautiful!!! So pretty!!! * i mean the car, not the lady*!!! =___="

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