Thursday, June 04, 2009

:: It's time to happy or sad ? ::

The result for the presentation (MPC ICC Convention 2009) was out yesterday, and guess what..we got SILVER Award!! You must be wondering, SILVER Award (1st runner up) is good, so why I should be sad? The problem is, there are only 2 awards, GOLD and SILVER.

The backdrop for the closing ceremony

When Deputy of something [forgotten which Ministry] giving our SILVER award

And every participation for thie MPC ICC Convention 2009 will get at least SILVER award. So now, wil you still ask me the same question "Why i should be sad?"

But, I should be happy, as GOLD Award winner will need to present the project again on National Level, which will be organize in October at KLCC. As mentioned earlier, we are "forced" by our manager to participate, so we should feel happy for getting SILVER as we can release from this burden of preparing, rehearsing, nervous'ing, etc etc etc all over again. All of us hope to get SILVER award, even before we started to prepare for this participation.

Teoh (one of the member) even tear out the presentation script soon after the end of our presentation turn (to show his un-willingness to memorize the script again for the 3rd time).

But, personally (don't tell anybody..shiii~~~), i feel dissapointed when the MC announcing :


And it gets worsen when all of other Spansion's teams got GOLD for their participation. We are being the most "outstanding" one, being the only team with SILVER award. We did not expect to get GOLD in the 1st place, considering our small-tiny-scope project with little cost saving. But, being persuaded strongly to take part for the exposure and experiences and to enjoy the process of participating this kind of convention despite of the result.

Me myself did not hope to get anything from this, just for the sake of joining and satisfying "her" wish for us to join, so she won't feel ashame when we turn the offer to join and turn her down by saying said "WE DO WANT TO JOIN" initally.

Never know I will feel dissapointed at the moment we got what we hope for. Not sure whether others felt the same, but I did. Maybe we did put alot of efforts in rehearsing, alot of teamworks to make it done nicely in the actual day despite of our intention to just join under force power.

There is one chinese proverb saying "Mouth not match with the heart saying [Hau pat tui sam]", which means we normally do not use words to frankfully say what our heart wish for. We will always tends to lie and cheat other people/ourself by saying the opposite. For example, when people ask me "How did you do in your exam?", and normally I will answer "Bad la, cannot get A one la this time". In my heart, how wish myself to get A and if can I wish to get A+ (if there is any).

Shall we feel sad for getting SILVER?

Or Shall we feel HAPPY getting SILVER?

Anyway, everything is over by now. I should be grateful for getting the oppurtunity to experience it, to get a certificate (with wrong-name printed), to had the chances of taking so many photos with all them and lastly to had the chances to know how [hao pat tui sam] I am. AHAHAHHAHAH~~

My name is TAM SOOK LING, not TAM SOOK LIN... =__="

Force smile =___=" Please forgive me for not make up properly {it's 6pm}, and you are force to see me with my dark circle and eye bag {lazy to touch up photo}

This guy likes to help to make tanduk for every picture!!!! Grrrr~~~

P.S : I hate when people congratulate us "CONGRATULATION FOR GETTING SILVER!!" - Lou keng or Chang heng?!!! We did not won the GOLD ok!!! So no need to congratulate us la...Grrrr~~~~~

What you think? Happy or sad??
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