Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:: Awwww....My belated b'day gifts ::

*sob*sob*sob* Wiping tears..

I felt so touch...Why? Because despite of the sad and confuse feeling that I'm having now, I'm grateful to get their attention and careness for my birthday. Even though this birthday is not my happiest birthday (due to some personal reason), but I should be grateful for having them to make my day so special.

Who are they? All who care about me, all who really trying hard to make me happy, all who really concern about me, all who really taking my birthday seriously, all who really spend their time on my birthday. Yes!! You!! No need to turn's you! :)

Even though my I had received so many be-earlier birthday presents, I'm was still being put in the mood of birthday'ing as they post-celebrating my birthday and I'm still receiving birthday present from them. Isn't that's the happiest thing?

Thank you all! Ok, this might be the last post blogging about my 2009 birthday, as I got no more to blog about, unless you want to post-celeberate with me (even though I hope I can blog about something spectacular). Let's close the ceremony by below few events.

1. My first and the only actual birthday cake I had for this year

Thanks Hui Juin for fulfilling my wish to had a "proper" birthday cake for this year's birthday. I guess I complaint too much to her that I yet to have any cake for this year, which potentially force her to buy me one. Hahahahah~ This slice of cake was bought by Siew Ping they all (but as requested and paid by Hui Juin, and it cost her RM9.50), while they had lunch at the hotel. But I'm telling you, even though it's just a slice of cake, but I really really really really appreciated her "small-heart'ness, keperihatinan (can't thing of any English term now too sleeepppy) for knowing my wish. Better than "someone" who don't even notice what I want is just a cake. wtf!!

Anyway, again, thanks Hui Juin...You really a good chum of mine!! What else I can ask for, for having you and for knowing that you'll be there for me all the time. *sob*sob* again*

Yummmyyyy Birthday Slice cake..

Imported from Holiday Villa you know! Don't play play!!

Not to forget, camwhore for rememberance

2. Food Testing cum birthday celebration cum spree time with my uncle and auntie.

We went to this restaurant at Puchong namely as Cheong Wah Restaurant. Originally, we come to test the menu for be-lated Father's Day menu coming weekend, but not sure how or when my auntie mentioned "Treat it as your birthday celebration for last 2 days". Because of that phrase, this appear to be in my list of "Belated Birthday Present".

We ordered few dishes which were suggested by "Auntie Nin". She looks *abit* old, and I guess she must be the "loh-san-chi" in that restaurant. The famous dish is "Marmite Pork Rib", and it was delicious, maybe I like Marmite. And same goes to other dishes as well. The total cost for the dinner is RM87 (RM69 for the food, and others for the drinks and towel).

Map uploaded as below. :) Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures taken for the dishes and the environment. Stephanie, what do you think, ok?

Cheong Wah Restaurant, anyone been there before?

The tables and chairs and hello? Please introduce yourself...

The "grand" entrance

"HAM TAN" prawn

Garlic Steamed-Fish

Fried tauhu

Not sure what vegetable is this

Popular marmite Pork Ribs

Namecard, and map

The seat menu - whihc i think quite expensive

3. DURIAN Party

Continue with the dinner at Cheong Wah, both my uncle and auntie treat me eating DURIAN!! YELLOW YELLOW Durian, as requested by Cynthia. She said she want "YELLOW, YELLOW Durian"! Means high quality durian and not those 3 for RM10 stuff. Kids nowadays, very demanding for good stuff. Spoiled kids..Hahahahah~

And I ate appx 6~7 ketul of durians. *BURPPPPPP* still got durian smell! *FARTTTT* also got durian smell! Even my pee also got durian smell! OMG!! Anyway, I had a FULLLLLLLL night. Thanks Uncle Ben, Thanks Auntie Mae.

WOW!!! So sparky spiky...

So yellow isn't it????

*eeeee~ Yak~~~" Uncle Ben opening the durian

Cynthia ate 5 of them

See, it's inside!!! Inside!!

WOW!! Can you how yellow it is! I beh tahan and said "Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Camwhore with aunt Mae.

And uncle Ben!! :)

4. Suprise gift from HIM!

Ok, lastly Alan Tam had prepare me the 3rd gifts for the year. Yes! 3rd gifts..Unbeliavable hor??!! Initially, I thought the 1st 2 gifts were the birthday gifts for me, and only realized it yesterday that it was not meant for my birthday. It was a gifts for my new Vivi. =____="

And the real birthday will be given to me today! And of course, I already got it on hand by the time I write this post. And guess what's he get for me this year? OMG! I scolded him for getting me this, and it's CALVIN KLEIN "Euphoria" Perfume Set. It's not the FAKE one, and it's purchased from Parkson.

I scolded him for wasting money for buying me this expensive gift. It cost him at least RM250~RM300. Halo! TAM WENG LOON! You got alot of money?!!! I beh tahan, still want to scold you here as well even though I scolded you on the phone earlier! I know you want to buy something for me, but no need to be so expensive ke ma! The car accessories and car window polisher are enough to make happy and cried already. This is too much..too much.. *sob*sob*sob*

Nevertheless, I like this present alot! Really, not because of the cost, but because of your "heart" and "intention" buying me this despite of your tight financial situation. Nothing I can say but Thank you, Alan Tam and Siao Chui (his girlfriend). But no next time ok!!! =___=" Next time, can buy me fake Calvin Klein Perfume..shiii~~ Don't tell anyone...

With NICEEEEEEEEEE Box packaging!!

The lotion of Euphoria

The set, which consists of one small(miniature), one big Euphoria Perfume, and one Euphoria lotion.

Thank you all! Muaksss! I love you all!
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  1. its ok la... still can afford for it... long time didnt gv u birthday present dy... now thinking weather other sister will jealous or not... hahaha just because this month only better my economy(wallet) ^^ on may birthday i jus ngam ngam only... so you were so lucky..haha any way jus greet u happy always with this present... through from btm of my heart...i already promise my self.. i will make my family happy always and never will worried bout me anymore... especialy all my sister and my mummy.... i will remember when i got problem who helping me.. when i walk wrong way who puling me back.. when i need ppl who chat with me, when i urgently who help me... i will remmber... same jess too(siau chui) next year if present (sok sui) don blame oh.. hahaha erm.... nth dy... sleepies dy.. night!~

  2. waseh.... CALVIN KLEIN "Euphoria" Perfume Set
    benda mahal leh....

    Tobby wanted to buy for me, but i stopped him dy..
    toooooooo expensive n i dont use perfume.. =.="

  3. Ok, im sure all of other sisters will jealous~ =__="

    Boy, I can tell you.....We will feel happy as long as you can stay healthily and happily. No need expensive presents....I believe the rest think the same. So, sang sang seng seng ah! :)

    Until now, we still so "long breath"...

  4. Dolly : Yalo!! Expensive stuff leh!! Haizz...That's why i scolded him like hell lor...hahahaah~

    Hmmmmm, you should accept geh, because at least you have for emergency use such as going for dinner, for special date, etc.. :) For the past few years, I also had only one. =__="

  5. WEI!! The whole set cost more than RM250-RM300 la!!! so good... T___T my sister never buy me present more than rm100. RM90 is the max... RM10 extra also she dont want to pay... sob sob...

    U got use the perfume today or not? later come smell smell! hahahaha


  6. and the Durian.... T________T look so tasty!!!!
    I want also ~~~

    Polly again

  7. Polly : Yes, the durian is very tasty! 5 biji for RM70!! Sure tasty la...=____="

    Come, we go find Molly and Dolly makan DURIAN!!! hahahaha~

  8. Polly : GOT LA!! I got "sembur" din smeel it meh just now...shit~ Should spray MORE!! Kasi you pengsan!

    I think so la....Coz hor, got prize tag (half tear) showed X18.00..the X being tear out..I guess it should be RM318 for whole set right??? Can/t be RM418 right???

  9. Waseh.. 5 biji RM 70?!!!
    I just had 3 biji for don’t know RM 10 or RM 20 wan.
    Come come… come find me eat.. ho ho ho…


  10. Dolly : Yalo..damn expensive hor...This is what they suggested when you say YELLOW! YELLOW!!! They choose the geng chao one...=__="

    So next time, if want cheaper one, then you say "BROWN BROWN one enough" hahahahah~ *later they kasi you busuk one...F.O.C some more! Hahahah~

  11. TWL... if got extra money, keep for rainy days.. you being matured and healthy - is the best no-expiry-date-present for us! Remember this ok! MAY

  12. May : *sob*sob* I'm sure TWL will felt the same as mine noew....TWL, see see.....We all had the same mindset.. You being mature and healthy is the best presents for us! REMEMBER that!

  13. TWL,

    i am going to repeat what May have just said.
    learn to save money if u hv xtra... not only this month but N-months to come... our parents already old. It's time for us to look after them and not the other way round.

    if you can't trust 'urself'... can give me..i keep it for u. FOC service.

    Remember, no one can help you if you don't help urself.