Saturday, June 20, 2009

:: Night at Station 1 ::

"Tut tut" ~ the sound of my sms ringtone, to indicate that I had one unread message. Oh, it's from Vivien and it says "Tonight yumcha with fung keong and gary, want to join?".

Oh, it just my intention to do something to kill my boring Friday night, and she message me on the right time, just after I finished my tuition with Cynthia. So, I drive way from Subang to Bukit Tinggi for yumcha session. Since it's too early, I ended "lepak'ing" at Hui Juin's house before heading to Station 1, which was located at Bukit Tinggi.

I've not meet this group of friends for a long long time, since we ended our Informatics life. I've been trying to find time for this kind of gathering to get up to date information about each others. Just can't find a suitable time to join their regular yum-cha session. I always wonder how they all became after so many years separated with our own life and work.

Finally, today, being the history day in my life, I manage to met with Chuang Fung Keong, whom I met since the last 3~4 years after we completed our Advance Diploma at Informatics, Klang. I also met with my chum, Vivien Hew whom I met last 2 weeks for our June's birthday celebration, and suprisingly I also met with Eric Chan whom I met since the last 5~6 years after leaving us behind, struggling to complete our suck year of Advance Diploma year. What a "No 2 gas (mou yi hei)" boy...*hahahah*

And not forget to mention, the aeroplane-boy, Gary for choosing football and gym over us. Hahahahah~ Yes! Gary, I'm talking about you, if you read my blog!! You la! Who else!!??!

We started our conversation at 9pm while waiting for the arrival of our special guest, Eric Chan. We ordered drinks and I ordered a plate or chicken spaghettin as I have not taken my lunch yet. We laugh, we chat, we talk, we tease, we compliment, we share, we camwhore. =___=" Where you see Elaine Tam, there you see camera! So, we take turn to take each other's picture to remark this memorable day, for me at least. It's like meeting back old-friends who you lost contact with for few decades. Hahahahah~

What are you doing la Fung Keong?? Looking for something down there? Or peeping Vivien?

Me and Vivien

Another shot of us....

How do they looks like? Do they looks like husband and wife? hahahahh~ joking joking~~

Aiyoma....FK, don't...don't get naked here! Please tighten your pant please~~

Ok, it's our turn. SMILE!

It's time for the arrival of our special guest, Eric Chan. He suprised us by reaching at 11pm with his super duper cutie Poodle, Mr Curl! It is a poddle-toy-dog which had dark-brown-chocolate thick fur. He was so excited seeing fresh faces (means us), and jumping around which includes jumping to me as Eric put him down to the chair.

The funniest thing Eric told us is that Curl will pee, when he's over excited. wtf! I immediately turn Curl to the other side to ensure my safety. If possible, I want to turn to Fung Keong but he's sitting too far. So no other way but to turn back to his owner. hahahahh~

Fortunately, Curl manage to calm himself down after Eric hissed some magic word to his mouth. And I am safe from being flooded by Curl's potential pee. =__=" Other than this experience, Curl also create another funny thing when one of the waiter approach us and said :

"Sir, pets are not allowed here, and can......" before he manage to finish the line, Fung Keong already cutted his word, and replied angrily fiercely"Where is the notice?!! I din see it at all!!!!"

"Errrrrrrrrrr...we do have, but it dropped down from the pillar...and ...." Again, Fung Keong cutted his line and replied angrily again "Now, you want to chase us away is it??!!!! You want to chase us away OR you want to chase the dog away?!!! Can you compensate for the loss of this dog?!! ask you manager to come out and talk to us!!!!"

The conversation become serious and serious, when the waiter answered "The Dog" when Fung Keong asked whether he want to chase us or the dog away. I guess Fung Keong will throw the waiter with the chair if nobody stop the argument.

Immediately, I try to stop them by saying "Ok, we will leave after finishing the drinks. Ok??!" And the waiter walked away. Frankly, we did not see any notice pasted neither on the wall or in the menu or on any noticeable area. We assume we can bring one, so only inform Eric about this. Curl is a cute dog anyway, why want to chase it away? Hehehehh~

See, Curl is cute isn't? Curl, don't pee on me ah!!Be good!

Lastly, we camwhore secukup-cukupnya before leaving. Again, we take turn to take photo, and as you can see, the most it fit 3 persons in a picture, as the 4th will become the camera man/camera girl. What to do, we can't ask Curl to hold tthe camera for us right?!! *hahahahahha*

Anyway, happy for today's gathering, and looking forward for next one. And Fung Keong, Eric ...both of you do not change much, still look the same as atractive and macho as ever. Hahahahah~ Happy???!

Take 1 : Me as camera gal

Take 2 : Fung Keong as camera man

Take 3 : Eric as the camera man

Guys for the day!

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  1. yeah~~ finally can see Msia Yong Si Kei shines at Station 1 dear idol, nez time let me knw earlier if u wanna go yum chat around PJ ya..hahhaa..i wanna take autograph frm u o!!! muahssss :P

  2. Lisa717 : wah liao! You ah.......make me really hapy...heheheh~ What a good Saturday to starts with..

    Where are u staying? If you dont mind, you can join us for yam cha next time....

  3. Paiseh leng lui. I can't join coz vivien too late inform me n a lot of work to do. But I think she like to go Station 1 coz I meet her b4 at there too..hehe
    Next time k. ^.^

  4. Mei : No worry... We will make sure you join us next time..^.^ heheheheh~ And I dont even have ur contact number =__="

  5. eh.. my neighbour did not comment ar? =.="
    the dog so cute..

  6. Dolly : Your neighbour? U mean Acun? =_=" U missed him already? hahahah~ Ya! The dog is damn cute!!! Eeeee..just want to bring it home! hehehhe~