Saturday, June 27, 2009

:: SHRDC ::

Ok, here I am back to blogging mood. Please bear in mind this post was backdated few days ago (last Wednesday). =________="

Spansion sent us for seminar a day last week, which was conducted at SHRDC, Shah Alam. Nothing much to brag about this seminar, maybe something about our itinenary for the day.

Let's begin how we went there in the morning, I had been assigned as the driver for the day with my ViVi as the main target. There are 3 of us, includes Micheal, Kah Wai and me who registered for the seminar. Kah Wai own Proton Saga, Micheal own Kancil, and Me with a Myvi. Micheal suggested us to vote for which car, and as expected they voted Myvi. Sighh~~ Kena buli terang-terangan. So, I became the driver for the day to fetch these 2 "gentlemen" guys.

Basically, this seminar introduce us to 3D Simulation and RFID technology. The seminar begin with the presentation by the speackers from different companies. For me, it's more to marketing where the company promotes their products to us, and hope us to contact them and buy their products. =____="

We spent the whole day there, attending the seminar, exchanging name cards with the speakers, and that's it. Boring day, but it's an oppurtunity to get away from office and enjoy the process of officially "snaking" outside of a company. Shiii~~ Don't tell my boss!

Not to forget camwhore session with these 2 "gentlemen" guys who bullied me!

Our morning break - Mee-hon goreng with some kuih-muih

Them taking pictures with "the logos"

This is to prove to our boss, we spend out time attending seminar, instead of "snaking"

"handsome" speaker who flewn from Singapore for this RFID talk.

Dr Lai presenting her presentation on "Water Waste"

Khairul talking about "Green Lean Manufacturing"

M3 with the brochure =_______="

Ok, that's all for today.Stay tune for more :)
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  1. yo~~
    happy, sporting elaine is back!! ^^

  2. Dolly : Yoyoyoyoy~ Yes,. I am back!! I AM BACK!! eee~haaaaa~ heheheh~