Wednesday, June 10, 2009

:: Gals Day Outing, full with “surprises” ::

It’s been a wish for us to go out one day, without the man and without the kid for us to enjoy eating, chit-chatting and most importantly shopping!

To satisfy out long-dreamt wish, we decided to have a GAL DAY OUTING, only gals are allowed and it includes Stephanie (my eldest sister), Sook Mei (my 2nd sister), my mom and me alone! No guys are allowed! Not even kiddo!

We had plan this 2~3 weeks ago, to have lunch buffet at one of nearby hotel to let mom experience having expensive lunch in a 4~5 stars hotel. We choose The One World Hotel, which located at Damansara. It was recommended by Sook Mei’s husband, my brother in law, Kong Hock as he said he occasionally went there for business lunch.

At last, the day where we need to take leave and get prepared to enjoy our gal day outing has reached. As preparation, we had taken leave on 8th June and reserved table for 4 at The One World Hotel for buffet lunch.

Mom and I meet up at Sook Mei’s place, and lastly met up with Steph at One Utama as she want to do some special agent thing. All of us met up at 11:30pm, and the 1st surprise for the day is Stephanie change her hairstyle and cut it with Victoria Beckham bob style hair. It looks damn chio and nice!! It makes her looks younger and fresher! Good job Steph!

Steph new hair-do *Phhheewwww-wwittt*

Mom posing, while waiting for May to get prepared

My turn...Hehehehhehe~

While waiting for Steph, mom manage to shop on 50% bangle, really shopalics!

Both of them using the same design bag [purchased from me]

Ok, let’s start with the buffet lunch. The Cinnamon Café was so empty, I mean we can see all filled table in a glance. I guess there are less than 5 filled tables, including ours. What does it shows? The food are too expensive and classy until nobody would like to drop by to have it? Or the food taste extremely sucks, so nobody would like to even drop by to have it??? Hmmmmm~~~ * wondering*

Sub-group photo....Mom, Steph and May

Tam's sister, do we look alike?

Mom getting food

We chit-chatting while having our expensive lunch. We talk about a lot of things, about dad, about gals, about my age, about the kiddo boy I met, about how old are we now, and more……….Not knowing we used the limited lunch time to chat, instead of using the time to eat. Hahahahahahh~

The 2nd surprise for the day was Steph had prepared me be-earlier birthday present. And guess what is it?? It is an army-panty, which can only cover the top butt! Hahahahahah~ It meant to show lower part of butt, to show my sexiness! Hahahah~ Anyway, thanks sis!

Pressie from Steph

Un-wrapping the present carefuly

Awwwwwwwwww~~ Nice panty!! hahahaaa..Thanks Steph...

Ok, we finished our lunch at 2:30pm, and plan to continue our gal outing day with SHOPPING! The most exciting activity of the day (we expected earlier), but we were surprised with the 3rd and the most surprising and shocked event for the day!

All of a sudden, we heard mom scream “OUCCCCCHHHHHH!!!”, and we turn our head back looking for mom, and she followed by a phrase “I CAN’T WALK”. And all of us were stunned and looking at each other, “What do you mean by cannot walk??”
Mom’s seems to sprain her knee and not being able to use her left leg to walk at all. Strange thing is she do nothing but just normal walk before she yelled "OUCH!". She will feel pain every time she dropped down her left leg on the ground. Not knowing what’s happening, but mom can’t walk for sure all out of sudden.

Not knowing what to do next, Sook Mei ask me to go and rent or get a wheel chair from nearest customer service counter. Mom insist us to continue shopping so we proceed to drop by nearest pharmacy to get her counterpain. And ended mom shopping with us with her on the wheel chair. T_____T

"Mom, how u feel sitting on the wheel chair???" - Steph
"Great, no nede to walk, save energy" - Mom

All of us were so concern on her leg situation and decided to call off for the shopping but to continue our havoc day, the @#@% customer service asking us to send the wheel chair back to old wing, while we park at new wing which is so damn damn far. She even tell us, "We had another service counter with wheel chair at new wing".

Wtf!!! Sook Mei can't stand and replied "We walk half way, then accident, you expect me to drag my mom far away to new wing to get the wheel chair? STUPID KA YOU!" hahahah~ Nola, the last word is added by me.

Alot of things which not suppose to happen, all in a sudden happened where the original plan to bring mom to kepong baru for acupuncture and that uncle fella not in (don't know go where snaking)

And mom had a slight diarrheoa, not sure is it because of the lunch.... and mom's shoes spoilt due to excessive skip (trying to jump with one leg) and we need to drag carry her into the car. And now only realizing mom is that heavy. hahahahahahah~

*credits to Steph for reminding me to MUST write down this special events*

At the end, we move forward to another Chinese’s acupuncture/massager at Jinjang, Kepong recommended by Steph's mother in law. According to that old man, mom’s “SAN KENG SIN” was swelling, need to rest and continue to take his medicine to cure the pain.

Uncle, please be careful with my mom's gold leg!! Dont "ka-ka-yi" rub other place har...Hahahahah~

We felt so regret for indirectly causing mom to be in such situation, but this is really unexpected incident as she feel extremely healthy and energetic that morning. Life, really unpredictable. So, that’s all about our gal day outing, memorable isn’t it? And memorable to mom as well, for being in the wheel chair for the 1st time in her whole life. Choiiiii~ touchwood!

P/S : If you notice, yes I'm wearing the same outfit worn at Nuffnang party, but I got wash Ok!!! So, it's clean and fresh!! With floral smell somemore! Moreover, i'm wearing it with other accessories! So, can consider it's different outfit. hahahahah~

P/S/S: It cost us RM68++ per head for the lunch buffet! Not worth it! So, try others ok! Not sure The One World will sue me for condeming them or not..HAhahahahha~

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