Monday, June 01, 2009

:: Green Eye & Coming Soon::

I’m trying another type of contact lens pair with green base on this time. I started to feel boring with pure-black which make me so Barbie-doll alike, so decided to open the green color to motivate me to work this week, and inter-change the wear with black.

Geo CM-833 is the code for this lens and I think it looks nice too, as it is not too greenish and it does make my eyes looks bigger somewhere somehow. I think I’m addicted to contact lens already by now. The power of lens is so great until it will make us feel empty and lifeless without the lens in our eyes. Little bit too exaggerating is it? HAHAHHAH~~ It’s true, you’ll know and agree with me when you started to wear the 1st pair and the result is it made you feel nicer and prettier.

And in addition, my 2nd sister in law has prepared me 3 pairs of colored-lens, which she gets from her working place (optical shop), and guess what I will have 3 months supplies for that 3 pairs for FREE! Thanks, sister in law. No no…..she is not stealing, all those are samples lens which are allocated to be given to customers. Since, I’m her customers so it is legal for her to give me too.

Presenting CM-833

Closer look on the color

I do not have anything to blog as I yet to camwhore with my new baby and I’m so boring being left alone working on this boring Monday (HuiJuin is taking leave today). Maybe provide to you some upcoming events which I will blog sooner or later.


1) One-day outing for ladies

  • My eldest sister, 2nd sister, my mom and I will have one-day-outing on the coming week. The itinerary includes shopping, lunch at The One hotel, long chit-chatting, and continue with shopping and shopping. Maybe we should name it “SHOPPING DAY” instead.

2) MPC Presentation Day

  • Spansion has selected our KAIZEN project to participate in National-level project based competition. It will be on this Tuesday at Sheraton Hotel, Subang. OMG!! It’s tomorrow!! We’ll present in front of hundreds of people and have our hotel lunch. Stay tune for our real life actions ya

3) Not to forget, more and more photos on me and my new baby.

4) My 25th birthday celebration (maybe)

  • Honestly, no pre-plan birthday celebration till now, as I did not hear any news from Leong or my family. That’s the reason why I put *maybe*, as you may see it, or you may not. Let’s wait and see. T_T

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