Friday, June 12, 2009

:: Awwwwww...He's super sexy::

I have nothing spectacular to blog up to now, and this shows my days are getting boring and boring nowadays. Anyway, I will blog about something sexy today. I mean not me [I’m not in SEXY category wtf!], but David Beckham is.

David Beckham is really damn macho, especially when he is half-naked. He still that seductive and fit even at his 40++ age, and he is perfectly match with Victoria Beckham as his wife.

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Hi, David...I hope he is waving at me. *blushing*

Awwwwww~~~ He is handsome, and man and macho and and and everything. hahahah~

Back to David Beckham, I wonder how he maintains his “muscle” and body shape. No doubt why he was selected as Ambassador for Armani Exchange Underwear. Look at his 6 packs of muscles. OMG!! WTF!! FML!! That’s sooooooooooo…soooooooo ……No word to describe my feeling looking at his 6 packs. @__@

Ya ya..abit too exaggerating. But I believe many women in this world felt the same that way too upon staring at his sexy and seductive body..Do you?? Hahahahah~

For your information, I hate guy with OVER-MUSCLES on his body. Especially those body builders who had a very broad shoulder, chest but very small waist. I will even dare or wish to touch any of them (I mean the muscles), I just feel creepy and gross, like asking me to touch poo. =___="

Damn! Can you see the nerve? *Wuueeekkkkkk*

But not with David Beckham, his body structure and proportion just nice, “NGAM NGAM HOR”! How I wish Leong could have this kind of body. So I can play with his muscles every night. Hahahahahah~ Shiiittt~~What am I talking about?! *blushing*

P/S : I will fall in love with you, if you are 80% looks like David. Buzz me if you are. What are you waiting for? Click "Drop me a comment" Now! Or call me immediately! My contact number is 012-649 XXXX. Hahaha~

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