Saturday, June 06, 2009

:; Happy Birthday To Us ::

It's June now! And it's Vivien's and my birthday month on June. So, our chums plan to throw us a party to pre-celebrate our birthdays which falls on 6th June and 22nd June 2009 to be exact.

It's been some time we did not really gather again, since our gathering early this year for January's birthday boys and girls. We choose Italianniese as our venue for the event, as all of us (except Vivien) never tried before. I guess the virgin trip to Italianniese for most of us. Forgive us for our "sam-pah'ness" or "kampung'ness". Ya ya, we are the frog under the coconut shell [katak di bawah tempurung]. Hahahahahah~

Anyway, let's begin with our journey. We began with all the emails flying around [cyber-sphere] to determine where to eat, what to wear, where to meet, where to go and bla bla bla. Our plan to set a dress-code for the night failed completely as most of ous wardrobe fulls with BLACK-colored tops/dress. And BLACK MUST NOT be the dress code. So, long story cut short, nobody follow the dress code except Hui Juin, Yves and me for wearing Coffee/Green dress/tops.

All of us should reach the restaurant at 8pm, as agreed in the flying emails. And ended up, we only started to order at 9pm. As usual, Vivien won the "siapa paling" race by being the 1st to reach, Hui Juin and me being the 2nd, Lian being the 3rd, Yves the 4th, and Ms. Mysterious being the last one to arrive. *hahahah* I guess you can guess who's the last one. Opppssss~~

Ok, let's start with the dishes selection for the night. We ordered 4 type of dishes which ranges from Smoke Salmon Pizza, Classic Carbonara, Classic Salad, and don't know what it called [cheezy meat ball, fried squid, and friend onion].

Hmmmm...what should we get for tonight??

Them...busy looking on the pictures...faster straving...

Italiannies menu. me nicer isn't? *tak tau malu*

While waiting for other's arrival, we decided to camwhore, to fully utilize the waiting time. We took almost 20~30 photos even before all 6 of us arrive. I cannot imagine how will we'll be with all the butts reaching and ready to be shot, I mean us not the butt.

Wokkkayy~ It's time to makan! Our food are here, and my stomach is damn hungry and starving by then, and start scolding me for torturing him.

Salad for 6 ...Classic Salad, the only dish we think acceptable.

Presenting Elaine Tam, as our Italiannies model for the day. Italiannies, i'll send you the bill ok?

Raw Salmon pizza....everyone agreed Pizza Hut, Hawaiian Pizza taste better. :)

Can recognize this "good" sign? Yves *waving hand* looks familiar to you? Hahahha~ I'm good in imitating huh..

Cheezy Bacon Carbonara Spagheti

Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday to Vivien & Elaine, happy birthday to us!

It's time to unwrapped the presents~ Yeee~~haaaaa~~ They got me Memory Lane photo frame, with nice leather-alike border which looks so elegant and professional. It suit me with my new house most! Thank you guys. Vivien got a headless-doll *hahahah* from Lacy Lace from them, which can be used to accesories her room, or utilize it to hang earrings or necklace.

Not knowing they are preparing presents to Vivien in a group, I also bought a cutie birthday bear keychain for her. It's cuztomized bear with 6th June printed on his body, showing Vivien actual birthday date. Anyone? please get one with 22nd June printed for me please..Hahahhaah~

Me with Vivien with our bear bear inside

Wow! 2 presents!One big one small~

Me with my present and my free-flow Ice Lemon Tea

June B'day gals

Presents for the night

Let's have a group photo. Pity the waiter, as he need to ever ready in taking picture for us.
"Snap~~ Boy, can help me to take picture?"

That's not me..But the frame is mine!! :)

The headless doll, but what a nice dress the ghost..oopsss...doll had..

Lastly, CAMWHORE sessions which is the MUST event for each and every of our gathering. We fulli utilized the restaurant area, fully utilized the waiters available, fully utilized the space we had in the memory card, fully utilized to pose as much as possible. Fuuhhh~~ one word to describe!!!! MARVELLOUS!!

P/S : More photos uploaded to facebook, drop by to see all of them ok :)

Thanks guys for everything, I luv you all~
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  1. u are not the 'sampah' one bcuz i have not been there b4 also haha

  2. Johnny Ong : Hahaha~ I thought u said we are SAMPAH = RUBBISH...hehhehe~ Hmmmm, ok then, we both be the "sampah" together gether...:)