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:: MPC ICC Convention 2009::

As in "coming soon" in my previous post, Spansion KL will send 4 teams to participate in MPC ICC Convention 2009. And I'm part of "I Am Spansion" team, who also will participate in this convention. Not sure whether it's a happy news or a bad news, as we somekind like being "force" to participate. Good news is we can get exposure on joining such convention, bad news is we need to waste time preparing for the presentation. Anyway, ley's forget about force issue and continue with the convention.

Have u ever heard of "No Free Lunch"? This participation require payment to be paid to MPC and it cost Spansion RM172 per head per day, and there are 7 of us. Expensive hor!! But according to the co-ordinator, there are some kind of promotion buy 2 Free 1 offered y MPC. So, Spansion KL sent 4 teams in total.

Spansion KL also sponsored a group t-shirt for each of us, to show their supports. What so special about this T-shirt is where our name was sewed in each of them, so only we can wear T-shirt. Don't you ever think to steal and wear it as your own! *hahahahha*

Ignore this picture, as i just found out there is 2 finger"s" on top of my head!!! cilaka KKW!! Grrr~

Me with my customised T-shirt, got my name "Elaine Tam" some more one leh!! Don't play play!

Ms Tan Ping Ping, with her body-builder style

Nizan, with *trying* to show the style of using her shirt to wipe her tears

Micheal, with errr.......konon macho-pose...hahaha~

BS Ang, with showing off his GOLD-ROLEX gold pose

Kong Kah Wai with testing-blood pressure pose

The convention took place today at Sheraton Hotel, Subang and the convention starts at 8am and we met each other at Spansion car park at 720am. We car pool with BS Ang who owned a big car, Toyota Estima with 7 seaters. Pity him, as he need to fetch us everytime we are having outside event just because he own a BIG CAR! So, the morale of the story, don't buy a big car.

In summary, we did SUCKS in our presentation, as my tongue failed to work properly when on stage. It just twisted from left to right, and from right to left, and continue from top to bottom. Just imagine how my pronounciation was. Grrrrr~~~~ Anyway, all it's over, and we are here back to Spansion again to continue daily job routine again. What a boring life, but maybe LE (our boss) is right, once in a lifetime experiences. At least, i got something to blog about it today. Ok ok....thanks for "forcing" us. T_T

I took alot of photos during the presentation day, as since we did so terribly in the presentation, so photos as the consolations prizes for the day lor. So, ended all of my teammates being my VICTIM for the day.

"Micheal, come come..take picture!!"
"Ang, Teoh....come.....we go there take picture. Nice view!"
"Nizan, Ping Ping...........ladies take one photo"
"Wah! That flower nice, let's go take picture there!"
"This food looks nice, come take picture there too!"

Hahahahah~ So ended up take dozens and dozens of photos. Let's the dozens of pictures talks ok! :)

SHERATON! I'm coming! Hahahah~

Camwhore in the toilet.. Shii~~~ don't tell anybody...*malu*

When other team is presenting

Funny pose by all of us....Kong Kah Wai, we can't see you....

Ok, a more serious one...All with serious+happy pose

Spansion BIG GROUP PHOTOS!! Why people like to take whole body (includes leg) as the photo? We are the heros and heroin ma, not the leg or the background......=___="

Professional and elegant 4 MAN + 1 LADY pose. Nice or not my pose? hahahaha~

Too "Wu-liao [boring]" and ORCHID flower be my victim *and my miang pose* hahahahha*

ICC!!! I wan to hug you!!! How i wish that bunting banner is BRAD PITT or DAVID BECKHAM!

Ok, a serious bunting-banner pose

Dessert for the day [not good actually, posing "good" for the sake of taking photo only]

Lunch at Sheraton Hotel, Subang! My 1st ever lunch at Hotel

Closer look on the lunch [ with harden fish ]

Another stair-case pose. We decided to take photo because the stair-lining looks like real GOLD!

Teoh, tearing out the presentations script soon after the presentation with some dialogue "I forgot all the scripts already, and I will not going to memorize it AGAIN!!!"

Opssss....i'm having photo-shoot fobia with guys! The guys became my victims again!Sorry guys!

MES team, trying to show "I AM SPANSION" text which was sewed on our right sleeve

Here I am, with the big MPC ICC backdrop

Thanks Raymond for supporting us.

Morning tea-break pose [The mee not bad leh! but abit fattening =__="]

Micheal [right] looks so "hiao-miang-gatal" too. HAHAHAHH~ Be careful Teoh [left]

Opssss...candid shot. This is how she looks like when she's eating. Seductive? :)

Raisin buns

Tuna sandwiches

Another group photos, we looks good in BLACK ins't it? BLACK MAN-SUI!

"Banner oh banner", borrow your body for a while ah...We need something to show our boss that we participated. *hahahhah* LE, can you see us?!! *waving*waving*

We got F.O.C booklet and paper bag [It was included in the registration fees already actually =_="]

Teoh, with his paper bag. Must take 9-9 photos with the paper bag because the paper bag cost us at RM172 per head. Must frame it and hang on the wall.

Ladies for the day. Now only i realize my head very small la actually.

We still practising at the corner of somewhere before the actual presentation. Too anxious and nervous, feel like pooing for the whole rehearsal.

The driver for the day, Mr Ang with big Toyota Estima, big gold Rolex and tell you...He's 54 this year!!!! He doesn't looks that old isn't?

See......must take as much as possible with the booklets and paper bag. RM172 per head! Damn expensive!

..................... =____="

I look so tiny [perasan kurus] beside the banner!

Ms Tan Ping Ping, the loudest and scariest puchasing personnel! She's famous with her loud and fierce VOICE! She's the SUPERWOMAN in purchasing!!

Last picture, the guys with "mien-chiang/force/nervous" smile!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, but seriously, I enjoyed the whole process from the preparation , to , practising, , to rehearsal process, to actual presentation and photoshoot session [mostly I enjoyed the photo session] :)

Especially, when we took a nice photos, and what the greatest thing is I do not need to photoshop [maybe lazy~~~] any of the photos here as I looks natural despite of having little eye bag and dark circle [cannot cover my makeup].

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