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:: Nuffnang Standout Party *Photos Updated!!*::

Hi all, please get prepared as I will blog about the most sad post that I've ever blog about. The greatest thing I had in this year is the oppurtunity given to be invited to Nuffnang Standout Party with Tiger at this HQNine, at TTDI Plaza. Oh ya, i got invited by writing this post.

Wait, be patient..I yet to reach the saddest part. I'm given 2 tickets to attend to this party, and Hui Juin will be my partner for the night, so we sratched our head and squeezed our brain for thinking what to wear for the night as the theme is "standout". Wearing pyjamas considerr standout, how about wearing underwear outside like wonderwomen, or wearing bikini to a beer/alcoholic party, or wearing NOTHING ? hahahaha~~

At last, since we are standout by naturally, we decided not to spoil our standout image, so just wear our cute and pretty dress. As out intention is to take pictures as much as possible with blog celebrity like Audrey, Timothy, Sweatlee, Kenny Sia, and if got lucky meet some hot sexy guys. Oppppsssss...nobody tell Leong please...hahahah~

Oh no no.....we are still on the way to my biggest regret in my life.........follow me closely ya....
Ok, let's continue...The event started at 7pm (according to the schedule), and we suppose to leave at 6~630pm to arrive there on time. Being naturally gals, we took longer time to get prepared, makeup, hairdo (this includes starightening and curling), testing new outfits which I bought a day ago, posing in front of mirror for the best shot, and last but not least waiting for si Hui Juin to come over to my place. T__T We only manage to depart from my house at 705pm. So, me being a easily get "kan-chiong" person, gets nervous when thinking we'll be late for the event. The rush'ness is the major root cause which lead me to the greatest and biggest REGRET!

Guess what, I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA!! I only manage to bring my camera casing, as I took the battery out for charging so, only left the camera casing in my LV bag. wtf!!!!! ffffffuuuucccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!wwwwwttttttfffffffffff!!!!!

Can you imagine, I almost drop my tears upon taking out the "casing ONLY" from my handbag.WTF!!!! I still can recall the feeling when my heart was torn out from my body. Can you imagine, a great nuffnang party without a camera? A party with all the celebrity like cutie Audrey, handsome founder Timothy, and other standout blogger? wtffffff!!!!!!

Even tried to call for help, to ask anybody to help me to send over the camera, and I'll reward her/him greatly like cash RM1MIL as reward. But too bad, TTDI was too far, and it's too late. Luckily Hui Juinhaving her Sony Ericson 3.2 Megapixel Camera phone, but only can be used to take pictures on certain light angle, not all.

We only took less than 20 photos for the night using HJ's camera phone. Instead, I think we can took more than 100 if bringing our own camera!!! arrrggghhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway, thanks Hui Juin's for your spirit of using your phone while others busy snapping picture using their DSLR, SLR,Canon, Sony, etc etc etc with their powerful flash.

At some point, we questioned each other "Sure you want to take picture with our pah lia phone camera gah??" until the extend we said "WHO CARES LA!! As long as we can get the shadow of us in HQNine!!!!!" Grrrrrrrr~~ aaarrrggghh~~~ *taking breath*in*out*more breath*

Waiting for camera phone owner's Hui Juin to transfer the pictures, and send a copy to me. faster faster...faster......

BEFORE : The cloth I bought for the event. Bought at Pyramid. Nice or not? The specialty of this dress is, my heart is OUTSIDE! *taken using my camera*

AFTER : Can you see my sadness hidden on my face, for knowing I only brought the camera casing????? *taken using Hui Juin's phone camera*

P/S : More (less than 20 ONLY) photos to be updated soon. Stay tune......Aiiii~~~

Courtesy of Yew Jin for sharing ~ Muakssss...~ Thankss........ At last, I got some clear and memorable pictures taken on the Nuffnang event...

Let me briefly describe who is Yew Jin. He is another Nuffnang blogger, who own a Myvi SE Pearl White with plate number 1731, and studying at Sunway College, and plan to go Australia either this year or next year. This all I know about this little cutie guy who I met on this event. Spent almost the whole night chatting with him and his little blackie guy {who's his name already???Oh ya...Dino.. } while my partner went out leaving me alone sitting on the couch. =____="

I want to cucuk his eyes actually, but my finger too short. T_T Forgive me for showing off my RABBIT Teeth......

A serious one...OMG! My face started to turns red...The result of 2 Tiger Beers.

I was asked to show a naughty pose with Tiger Bottle...Errrrr...I did try to ....errrrr........I don't know what I want to do with the bottle...Sucking it???? Blowing it????? Licking it??? No idea!!! WHATEVER LA!!!

It's so coooooooool, putting the bottle on his face....

Nah! Makan bottle ni!!! :)

Oppppsss.....where are the holes please???? Please show me some light....

Last group photo with out newly-met blogger [ From left : Yew Jin, Dino, Elaine & Hui Juin ]

More photos to be updated Now! Please bear in mind all of them were taken using Hui Juin 3.2 MP camera phone, the only available gadget to be used to take photo that night. Please forgive us for posting up photos with such a quality.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to express my condolenceTHANKFULLNESS to Hui Juin for her spirit in cheering up my night with her special gadget. Luckily I being wise enough choosing her as my partner for the night, else I won’t even get a single photo at all. Muakkksss~ Love you till the end!! *BIG HUG*

Ok, now let’s enjoy our moments with my favorite bloggers and not to forget our camwhore sessions in the car, at the pub, with the bottles, in the toilets, and many morrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee.

On the way to HQNine, after finished make up for Hui Juin [in the shaking and bumping car]

Another camwhore session

Another one..Hahahahah~

A single side shot!! Fuyohhhhh~~~ Still fresh, and my hair still curl~

Presenting my partner for the night, Kung Hui Juin~

Me with Standout Board!! Damn, looks so chubby and fat =__="

With the sexy nurse and errrr.......devil lady ???

HQNine, the venue.

Pheewww wittt!!!

Full shot of me with my first time wearing "xi mat"

Audrey , Hui Juin and Suet Li, 3 pretty bloggers!

Me with Suet Li.

Me, with a bunch of peoples behind. Please leave me yourname if your at my back.

Sexy pose [wuuuekekkkkkk~~~~bluekekkkkkK~~~ vomit sound* continue....wuueeekkkk~~~] with my name "Elaine Tam"

Guess where are we??? In the toilet! hahahah~

ya ya ya...we camwhore again.....cannot ka??!! :p

With Timothy Tiah

Yeah!!! My virgin photoshot with TIMOTHY TIAH! Nuffnang Founder! Thanks Timothy! Nuffang MAN SUI!!!

Me with Ringo.

Camwhore again with the bottle!! Nicely and unique Tigeer Bottle~

Hui Juin! Open your eyes bigger please!!!!! hahahah~

White Elaine with the bottle. The flash so powerful! Can change my red face to WHITE face.

Hui Juin with hmmmm...her.......future boyfriend??? future girlfriend?? ahahahh~

Me with Robb, the famous "Lose 40kgs in 6 months" blogger

Me and Audrey. We are about the same height. Hahahahh~

Hui Juin with Audrey, she's so cuite isn't it? Hui Juin like bending down to match with her height..=__="

Standout bloggers!!!! So many of them!!

Another HQNine pose

Yeay!!! Finished uploading!! So, how was it??? Looks fun??? Not realising we took MORE THAN 20 photos! hahahah~ (despite of the feeling bringing only the camera casing)
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