Tuesday, May 19, 2009

:: I'm a standout in Life ::

Nuffnang is collaborating with Tiger for the “Standout with Tiger & Nuffnang Party” detail as below.

Date : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout

The theme is to be a standout but however, you will need to BLOG to get the invitation ticket to attend the party with post titled “I’m a standout in life”. So, no F.O.C ticket this time. I guess too many Nuffnangers nowadays huh…Nuffnang’s community is getting bigger and bigger huh. Timothy is getting richer and richer huh..Hahahahahah~

Why “I’m a standout in life”? I have been scratching my head with thousands of hair fallen to the ground (and only left 2/3 on my head) thinking whether am I a standout in my 25th year life? What make me different from others? What make me outstand from others? After few days of head-brain crunching process, now I know why I am a standout in life.

For me, standout means when you have unique characteristic, you standout when people know you of who you are and you standout when you know who you are! Sounds complicated? Let’s go into detail of WHO I AM, with below uniqueness and characteristic (which I discover 2 days ago) =__=”

1) My talent for knowing how to pose for camera since born

This is me at age 1 (if not mistaken), and can u see how powerful my pose-style creavitity with my "drumstick-thigh" being bend 45 degrees to the left, exposing my sexy-thigh. Together with it, I also move my toes to 90 degress to show my sexy-tiny toes. Amazing isn't is for being able to pose creatively!

Pheww witt!!!

This is me at age 3, posing with the gate. Another creative-weird posing style with both hands trying to cross each other, and one leg (right) slightly taken up out from the sandal to create varities of posing. Oh ya, together with it with my "LOVELY" smile to match my "bomb-curly" hair.

Oh, so lovely~~~

Me at age 6 (if not mistaken) posing with the flower. To standout from the flower, i made an innocent look, with my head slightly bend down, 20~30 degrees to oustand my innocent eyes. So innocent isn't it? So everybody will tends to looks at my innocent look, instead of looking at the flowers as the main attraction. I'm so geng!! :)

Look at innocent Elaine please....don't look at the flower! Yes, i success!!

Wow! I can pose creatively for a sitting-pose as well. Can u see my hand being put together on my cute-dress, and utilizing my leg fully to show the cuteness of my small-mini toes. I did try my best to stick my toe (thumb) to the other toe(thumb). It failed, but the picture looks great isn't it? *hehehehh*

I'm really trying hard to standout in taking picture, even though the picture doens't meant to shot me. =__=". I had the feeling of "beh-tahan" when the cameraman said 1.....2......3..........and all out of a sudden, my brain will send a signal to my body to aggresively jump into the picture (or in front of the man) and SMILE! YES!! another picture of me in the album!! So tricky isn't it? That's me trying to STANDOUT in a picture!

YOh!!!! It's me! *again*

Me at age 8~9. Knowing myself not a pretty girl, so trying hard to pretend as one by showing model-style-pose for picture. Can you see how SEXY my left leg on my left leg with my left hand on right hand? I've surveyed and this is one of the MOST POPULAR pose for any cover-girl during that era. *hahahahahah*

I wonder who put on the stone? Help....put me down..my leg too short to each the ground..

Now, i realizing that i know how to pose by putting my left/right hand on my waist to create slimmer look overall since i was SMALL! You'll know why......please scroll down..

My right hand on my left-side waist

My right & left hand on my left & right-side waist

My right & left hand on my left & right-side waist *again*

My right & left hand on my left & right-side waist *again again*
I'm talented isn't it?

The talent continues until i've grown up, now knowing more style in posing creatively by knowing how to turn left and right. I think i should trademark this style, so whoever use this style need to pay me somekind of loyalty fees!! *hahahahhah*

Last but not least, a MUST SHOW POSE "Star-jumping-pose". This is my latest posing style, will take more and more photo with this jump!! Maybe "star-jump-around-the-world".

"Star-jump" at Redand Island

Ok, continue with my 2nd reason why i think I'm standout in my life. 2) My curiosity for joining or doing whatever activities which attract me.

Such as dancing with all malay-girls. I was perfoming "tarian-joget" partnering with a malay-boy, holding hand and turn around like merry go around. =__="

I'm in yellow *Uhuhuhuhu*

Or trying hard to be a singer since small, but quit after realizing i got NO TALENT AT ALL in singing as i can't reach the low note as well as high note. And when mom, dad and others hide all the mic from me, to prevent me from using it. I guess they worry of "sound-pollution" i guess.. *sob*sob*. But, at least i did give it a try to standout being a singer.


Trying hard to become a singer by joining singing competition.

I even join "Remaja Eon" which to be broadcast at TV1. Terror leh!!!

District Level "Remaja EON". Sexy or not me??

Or my talent in drawing and coloring since small. Thanks to mom who always bring us around to participate in drawing/coloring contest around Shah Alam. And for your information, I WON 1st place for my coloring below. Terror leh!

Me showing another innocent look with my coloring

Or trying hard to become a national-swimmer by always practising my swimming and stamina since small. But, the ambition failed completely, as I only manage to practise in a "small" pool. =___="

Oppssss........censored photo......

Or being a sportman by joining various of sports such as volleyball, bowling,badminton, and etc. Being a boyish/tomboy, i manage to gain little success in volleyball, despite of having petite size for being a volleyball player. I played until national level ok, representing Selangor in MSSM volleyball competition.

However, not as a spiker (who kill to get a point), but as a setter (who pass the ball to spiker to get a point). *hahhahha* ya ya ya...i'm too short to become a spiker. But but but at least i'm trying to standout as PROFESSIONAL and outstanding SHORT-SETTER ok! *hahahaah*

Won Bronze in Klang-Volleyball Under-16 Open Competition

Representing state "Daerah Petaling" in MSSS

Representing IT Department in bowling friendly match

Last but not least, my last unique me for being standout among the rest!!! 3) My unique “dangling fats on my cheek”

I tried to slim down my face, but anyhow the "lemak" on my cheek still appear to be the there, so no way but to bear with that 2 "pice of fats "dangling on my cheek and "bergoyang" everytime i made a step. *hahahahhaahh*I guess it's inherited from both of my parents. Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad for giving me with a such UNIQUE cheek! Seeeeee, i'm standout for having "cute dangling fats on my cheek" isn't it?

Dangling fats at age 6

Dangling fats at age 16 [Damn!! so fat!!!]

Dangling fats at age 17 [still fat =____=]

So, u decide "Am i a standout in my life"??? Yes!!I think I am!!! So I am laaaaa.....!!!*hahahahahah*

Visit Stand Out party with Tiger & Nuffnang to know more about the party!! There are alot of prices to be won too! You can win a HP Notebook, DS Lite, Coach Bag, Xbox 360, and more!

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  1. =.="
    u geh geh.. want to combine E-volution with standout post..

  2. GULP..
    <span style=""><span style="">Dangling fats at age 17 [still fat =____=]</span></span>
    this photo really... =.="

  3. Hahahahah~ No ma..E-volution will tells more about how from UGLY duck to become DUCK today...hahahahh~
    But the problem is, i'm out of photos ledi... =__=" Dolly, u have photo of me with you??? :p

  4. this photo really... =.="  <-- really what??? really FATS leh!!! i mean the dangling fats!! =__="
    I also think very long, whether to post this photo out or not!!!

  5. =.="
    if not mistaken..
    we din really get the chance to meet each others right?

  6. really...
    hahaha.. now is like more pretty.. 9087654758 times la..

  7. yalor...u din post up also i din feel the chubbines.. hehehhe... ok la.. now pretty already!!!

  8. Oppss.......i wan to say Polly one...HAHAHAHHAHAH~ Always mistakenly identify both of you..can change nickname or not? maybe DOLLY --> BOLLY....or POLLY --> LOLLY hahahahah~

  9. Ya.. and I wonder how come you still have so much admirer during ur secondary year... hahaha.. if u return to secondary with this look.... hmmmm....

  10. =__=" it's not chubiness ...IT'S FATNESS!!!! so beh tahan with the fats there.......i'm trying to recall, whether during that time, it bump up and down or not when i walk or run..... just like dangling "breast" going up and down while running...HAHAHAH~ maybe not that kua chiong....

  11. 9087654758 times... =___="
    how many millions/trillions times is that?? sorry, another my uniquness if "i'm bad in mathematics"!! hahaahah~

  12. Only one answer : "BECAUSE THEY ARE BLIND!!!!!!" Hahahahahahh~
    Or maybe another better answer: "My inner beauty attract them" *bluekkk~~~~*bluekkk~~~* feel likes vomitting!!!* :-E