Monday, May 25, 2009

:: Ouch !! ::

Tried the first Biore Black Pore Strip today, and it make me yell "mummy!!", just like how the pregnant women shouting during their labor " I dowan!! I dowan to give birth anymore!! Mummy!!! Help!! Kau Meng!!!" Never know the strips get harden so easily and attached strongly on my flat-chubby nose. =__=".

Another problem is I feel so damn itchy after pasting it on my nose. And the most terrible thing is I can't scratch for 15 minutes (until I remove the strip). Wah liao!!! So suffering.....

Sticking it on my nose steadily *still can smile happily now but not after 15 minutes later*

Step 1: Open the strip pack with dry hand *still ok*
Step 2: Stick it to wet nose *still ok till now*
Step 3: Let it for 10~15 minutes *still ok, as it only gets harden after 30 seconds*
Step 4: Remove it *this is "life-dying[lor-meng]" part where my nose almost being torn out*

After 15 minutes..........

Can you see my dying-blackheads???

Fuuhh~~ So comfortable....To show my pore, not my big nose =__="

As memory, i captured the most-dying moment for the baby boy labor [when peeling the strip from my nose]. *hahahahhaha* I'm not pretending one, as it's really pain just like someone "pinching" your nose, or like a cow being dragged using the metal-circle planted on their nose...

I still have 9 strips to go...T.T
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