Thursday, May 28, 2009

:: HC3 Promotion ::

I've involved in another charity designing activity for Spansion's councils. I was selected as one of the committee in this so-called Human Capital Culture Council (HC3) and my 1st contribution is to design the Promotion and Awareness Brochures, Leaflets to promote this council to all Spansion's employees.

I used 2 days to look for ideas from net and came out with these designs at the end of the days. I designed 3 of them, but one been rejected by management due to using too much of de-motivating wording such as "Do you feel de-motivated?". Wtf!! so many complains, especially from "her" who I hate the most with her "konon-professional" english-slang criticizing this and criticizing that. I'm not a kind who will not accept critics or feedbacks from others, but just feel I don't like to hear from her mouth.

Opening Ceremony Promotional Banner

Shoe-locker HC3 advertorial leaflets

Anyway, back to the designs. I used foreigners in the 1st designs, but many of them suggested why not using our own-Spansion staffs to promote, which will directly create bond among the staffs. Ok, so we hire professional photographer (Mr Yeoh-Spansion's Pro Photographer) to take the pictures for some of pre-selected good-looking staffs (this includes me! *HAHAHHAHAH*)

And upon that, it's time to show my photoshop skill in putting them into the original design. As a result, many of them has become the model of HC3 promotion brochures and banners. But, it's F.O.C model, please claim from Spansion ya~~~

Mr Yeoh (our photographer)

Our Spansion GT Gal (not sure why they call her GT gall) *hehehe*

Can you spot me? heheheheh~

Upon the completion of designing, it's time to hang them in Spansion for viewing. We had decided to hang it all around the corridor so everyone will tends to stop and have a look. It's quite happy when seeing your effort being viewed by everyone. Anyway, it's another successful design at least after Notice-board design.

Not to forget to camwhore with my "hasil kerja" before it to be remove in a week time. :)

The BIG one hang at Cafeteria entrance

This is from me.......

I'm too short to reach it T_T

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