Thursday, May 14, 2009

:: Will "you" be mine? ::

I want to buy a car; I want to own a car (with my name as the owner) for long long long time ago. As I’m still driving my parent's asset to work up to today, and I feel so bad every time I scratch their car accidentally, or they claimed I’m lazy to wash their car, or when they like need to get my permission before using the car (as they need to check my working schedule as I’m driving to work).

Since both my sisters got married and move out from Shah Alam's house, i rarely borrow things from people ( i mean clothes, accessories, make up,etc). I used to steal or borrow (without permission) when they are living with me in this house. *hhahahahahah* I remember my eldest sister always scold me *kao kao lat* every time she noticed I wore her dresses, tops or pants quietly. I remember I used to use May's make up when she's off to work. I wonder she realize that or not. *hahahahahahah* Bad Elaine....but today's Elaine not yesterday's Elaine.

I'm alone now, and I tend to have or own my own things. *sometime too lonely to had everything on my own*. So, same goes to car. I always dream to have my own car, and I promise to myself I will take good care of my future "baby". Make sure I wash every time when it gets dirty, even a spot of dirt), decorate it nicely so I can be comfortable in it, fetch my parent around, and go whenever I feel I want to go (considering petrol's price is still low now) *hopefully it’s not “hangat hangat tahi ayam”*

And tell you a secret, actually I like Perodua Myvi design. It looks so sporty (for me), the exterior doesn’t looks squares (which normally uncle/auntie’s favorite), just the interior need to be improve as the interior looks so “pah lia”. But I feel different when I get into MyVi SE, where it provide leather seats, better CD player, odometer, and steering as compare to standard design.

Perodua Myvi SE Specification - Click for larger view

Interior and Acessories

Exterior SE look

So, MyVi SE is my 1st choice. And I’m surveying for the best deal to get it, and considering the color by doing mass surveys as well. What will you vote for? Share me your answer by voting below!!! :)

Ivory White (Solid)

Glittering Silver (metallic)

Pearl White (Special metallic)

Tangerine Orange (metallic)

Ebony Black (metallic)


When I’m Google‘ng for Myvi information on net, I found this guy where he blogged about his “custom-colored” Myvi. It’s in PINK! I mean really bright PINK with BIG PINK LOVE in front.

This is a little bit exaggerating but definitely UNIQUE MYVI among others, considering MYVI is an EXTRA COMMON car designs on the road.
“You turn right, you’ll see MYVI “
“You turn left, you’’ see MYVI”
“You turn back, you’ll see MYVI”
“You turn back to front, you’ll MYVI again”.

Trust me; you can try it while you’re on the way to work or back from work. I did it! Proven 80~90% true!

But, I don’t think I will have the courage to drive this unique car on the road, as all of the drivers (and those who are walking on the road) will stop driving, stop walking, stop eating, stop chatting and turn their head and eyes to your car. Just imagine there are 100+ pair of eyes looking at you (your car specifically) from time to time. Really act like celebrity (I mean the car)!


  1. Buy car easy, maintaining it is difficult.
    By the way, since u hv heart to take good care of ur future 'baby', why not treat your 'existing loan baby' a little better also? :P

  2. I'm trying....but everytime, dad always complain behind me to mom saying i'm not this, i'm not do that..So i fed-up ma dowan to do..coz no matter i do or not do, he will complain it anyhow... :(
     Eg: I did wash the car (maybe not that regular like everyday la), but maybe sometime late and noticed by him, and dad pulak always say " know how to drive, but dunno how to wash", i ma fed-up lor.....

  3. And like that day....I park the car outside of house (thought of going out to shop, but tak jadi at last)...Then suddenly got a car (BLIND fucking asshole) cannot see the road or i dunno why.....accidentally "hai tou" & scratch abit 6383's bumper...And i can hear he complain to mom, saying "I told you to told Ling, dont park the car outside"
    grrrr~~ like that also can count my fault..i'm not blaming him, but hello! not me go and bump her car and scratch it fed-up la...
    Aiii~~~I feel so bad car got bunyi (sudah old), also like hinting my driving problem or my problem or my issue....I also dunno how to explain la...senang cerita, i buy my own then scratch also scratch my car and he will have nothing to complain liao.... *in angry mode*

  4. Hi Elaine,
    All guys are like that....i mean it is in their gene. They really carefull and take care when comes to a don't be mad....after all it's your dad.

  5. Hi Acun, ya ya ya...understand..he's dad anyway...but trying hard to please an old man...u know, oldfolks tends to have "3-years old" attitude.....hehehehe~~
    The difference is we can't use toys to make them happy.........

  6. =.="
    white or silver.. =.="
    pls dont change your myvi to the scary pinky love shape Myvi.. =.=

  7. Hahahahh~ Ok Ok....i also think it's scary toooooo~~~
    But, how about if you imagining Tobby driving this and propose to you?Romantic or not? Kam tung or not? Will u immediately and say "YES!!!!!!I DO!!!!"

    Ya I agree with Donna.....not pink! It's too sentimental.... :)

  9. Too sentimental for road-driving huh.....I think it's more suitable to be used as one of roadshow vehicle....Or maybe used for marriage proposal, or to touch a women so she can be your girlfriend...Just like using an aeroplane with "I LOVE YOU" banner <-- in the movie....
    Romantic gila..~~~ hahahahh~ So pathetic me...

  10. NO..
    i will ask Tobby is he crazy already??
    is he sick??
    i want the original MYVI PLS...
    but tobby decided to buy persona la..

  11. So mean you will say "YES, I DO" if he drive you a PESONA, and propose to you =____=" You.....~~~~ you...~~~~ You should request for MERCEDES or BENZ...hahahahhh~

  12. NO..
    i am realistic..
    i want cash and diamond only.. =.="

  13. Hahahahah~ ya ya ya...XXK carat diamond and XXMIL of cash...agree agree!!
    ($$$$$$$$$$$)__($$$$$$$$$$) <---- eye with lotz of money sign!!!

  14. Hey, leng lui. I prefer u to choose white. I owned a Myvi too (Glittering Silver), 1st batch no white then ma took Silver lor.
    I tell u..
    Black -> very fast dirty (lazy to wash)
    white -> very yeng (chun for u)
    Orange -> special color (like indian color)
    Silver -> scatch n dirty can c from far away (dun need to wash every day)
    Is juz my opinion (coz i work at p2) everyday c myvi 1.
    My family member total got 5 myvi liao..hehe

  15. elaine tam sook ling16/5/09 9:22 AM

    Wow! 5 myvis'? That's alot!! I guess you and your family is Myvi supporter huh...But, Myvi really looks sporty, and trendy too, right?
    Very farny when u say "Orange -> special color (like indian color)".........Then my mind start imagining how indian I will looks like when me as the driver inside Orange Coloured myvi.........then i wll start turning my head when talking..."Yeh Na Deh"...hahahah~
    White also my prefered color, but which white better? Ivory or Pearl White? What do you think?

  16. myvi?? not bad.... maybe ur dream will come true on june?? hehe ~~ possible de ler... erm.. bout thast old butt= nothing can change...  because of car , i changed by my life.... sorry my english not well, i means my life change me, not me wan to change my life... do you get i means?my age  no car= no leg
    he never will try to understand ppl.... ever~~

  17. Boy, i know it's very hard to please him. What do you mean because of car, your life change?
    As long as you know what you want, i dont think a CAR can change your life....right??? And again, don't always think car make she tie you up.....You must be responsible also....remember that....