Tuesday, May 12, 2009

:: Sleepy Lunch ?::

How do you spend or use your extra lunch time?
Blogging .....
Chatting ......
Playing games ......
Gossiping .....
Or maybe.....Sleeping???

I never tried sleeping before, as i think it will be very suffer if i need to wake up half-way to conitnue to work. Like you are already half way to the heaven * or already reached heaven*, then suddenly you was kicked back to the hell..Something like that...

Or maybe you are in the middle of dreaming having nice and sweet moment kissing with your sweet one, suddenly you open your eyes and realizing "yu-fa" or "pak liong kam" is the one u kissed all the while...yucckkk!!!

Just imagine your mouth/tongue tangling (french kiss) in his mouth..Yucccckkk!!!!

Or your tongue tangling in his nose.....yuckkk!!

Or maybe you're in the middle of eating an ice-cream, then suddenly wake up realizing you're eating a dark-chocolate-coloured SHIT! yucccckkkk!!!

Imagine this shit is in your mouth...hahahahah~

So i decided not to sleep, but to surf or blogging to spare my time.....But, this is the 1st time seeing this people really sleep like nobody business during lunch time, and it scare the auntie who sweep the floor during lunch, thought she was seeing a headless ghost on the chair. But i found it funny, so take a snap of him *quietly, shii~~~ don't tell him*. HAHAHHAHAHH~

wtf!!! really looks like a headless ghost, isn't it???

Another angle of the headless ghost....*hahahahh*

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  1. hahahah.. since when kwai jadi itu hantu? hahahhaha.. so funny la, i think u better snap indian guy depan u tu juga. He also always sleep during lunch. hehehehhehe

  2. Hahahahahh~ yala, terkezzzzuttt when i see him....i thought what happen to his head...hahahahh~~~
    Luckily normally i got praying kuat kuat, else can shocked till death oh..... :)

  3. Blogging .....

  4. I started to like your blog.. Cool