Wednesday, May 20, 2009

:: We-volution ::

I found these interesting photos while i'm searching for old-photos for my ":: I'm a standout in Life :: " post. They are old-photos of me and my chums (Lian, Yves, Hui Juin, Vivien, and Mei Peng) during our secondary school.

I was so shocked to see them as compare to now. OMG!!! WTF~~~ FML~~~~ I almost can't recognize them and myself at all. All of us changes alot, changed from top to toe, and from toe back to top.

From fat to thin....from long to short hair....from dark to fair.....from fair to dark.....from short to tall *only abit la!*....from ugly to pretty....from ah lian to pretty leng lui....from "pork chop" to "pretty angels"..... Don't worry, all become better....Hahahahahaha~~

I blogged about our changes here before, but not knowing we all are changing drastically if to compare during our secondary up to now. This make me waznt to jote it down for future references. Maybe to view it back after 5~10 years, to see whether are getting better if to compare to now. Wow!! It's unbelievable! Let's the picture prove it!!

Year 2001 Form 5 photo
Yves : Can you see your eyes and mouth?
Mei peng : I think you doesn't change much isn't it, if to compare to this?
Hui Juin : =__=" You with your brace.....*no comment*

Year 1997 Form 1 photo
Lian : Yes, your face looks like football...Hahahahha~
Mei Peng, Hui Juin, Yves : We look damn young and kiddo-diddo look!

Year 2001 Form 5 photo
Elaine : Do you know how fat are you that time??!!!!! OMG!! No eyes see!!
Vivien : You remain thin, what's your secret recipe?
Evelyn Loh : *if u read my blog* i gues u changes alot too right?
Hui Juin : Why u pretend innocent there?

Year 2001 Form 5 photo
DAMN IT!! i really fat and fat and fat!! I even dare to wear sleeveless top...OMG!! No eyes see again~~

Year hmmmm...errr.... 2007 Photo
There goes out transformation....We changed alot isn't?

Year 2008 Photo
Become prettier and prettier....

Year 2007 Photo
Our face-size changes too...

Year 2008 Photo
All of us in black, except Vivien in white...

Year 2009 Photo
I think blind also can see our differences isn't it? *hehehehh*

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  1. Haha! Cant belive we have so many group pictures!! We have known each other for so long....

  2. elaine tam sook ling20/5/09 6:49 PM

    Yalo...we've known like for 12 years leh...from Form 1~ now...from 1997 ~ 2009....12 years leh....12 years.... Fuhh~~ Our "LOVE" longer than my love with Leong...hahahahahah~

  3. ya.. really all become prettier...
    all evolution are...
    Ugly + FAT --> pretty + slim.. ^^
    except Polly...
    i think she is prettier when she was young!! hahahah... her evolution was
    Pretty + slim --> ugly + fat --> pretty + not so fat --> pretty + a bit slim.

  4. Ouchhhh.....ur like slapping directly to Polly's face... =___="
    Nola...i think she become prettier also ma....even though not as thin as her prime time (year 1997)...She looks better with lil' bit fats....and u see how she groom herself now....much more better right...Hahahahahah~

  5. Got prettier meh when i was young? -.-
    which pic make u think i was prettier?
    "Pretty + slim --> ugly + fat --> pretty + not so fat --> pretty + a bit slim"
    The ugly+fat time is when I stay with you in Uni~ so is ur responsibility!

  6. "Pretty + slim [1997-i guess SLIM=PRETTY!!!!] 
    --> ugly + fat [during UNi time]--> pretty + not so fat [just finish Uni, and started to work]--> pretty + a bit slim" [Now la of course] "
    Hahahahahha~~ correct or not Dolly???

  7. Close-up of here during her "ZAMAN GEMILANG!!" hahahahah~ Click for close-up!!!!

  8. That is too thin leh!! see the hand.. like tulang... >.<

  9. <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">Actly.. Shhhhh…. *Pull Elaine to aside..*</span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">Polly also become prettier and slim now.. but already my habit not to puji her in front of her.. coz she always pijak me.. =.=”</span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">*let Elaine go*</span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">True hor.. </span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" "> </span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">So.. CORRECT!!!</span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" color: #404040; font-family: Verdana;">"Pretty + slim <span style="font-family: Verdana;">[1997-i guess SLIM=PRETTY!!!!]</span>  
    --> ugly + fat <span style="font-family: Verdana;">[during UNi time]</span> 
    --> pretty + not so fat <span style="font-family: Verdana;">[just finish Uni, and started to work]</span> 
    --> pretty + a bit slim" <span style="font-family: Verdana;">[Now la of course] </span>" 

  10. Hahahahahhah~~~ *Pull Polly aside*
    Polly, Actually, Dolly want to say u getting prettier nowadays one...but she pai seh to say it...worry you wil say and tease her "you see, i'm getting prettier than you already" so she malu.....So, later you also say she getting prettier also la...
    *Let go Polly*..
    Ok, Dolly, Polly got something to tell you...... :p

  11. Dolly!! I want to tell u~~ I am so sleepy.... haha... if u do a DonVolution, then I am 1000% sure u look much prettier, prettiesssssssssst now...
    Cos I can stil remember ur look first time we met in Uni.. hahahaha

  12. =.="
    i know it myself too..
    u still not yet see my secondary pic.
    they were really horrible.. =.="
    i dont have much pic with me, so i can't do my don evolution..
    i know u got 1 of my baby pic la.. =.="
    can gimme back ka? coz i dont have.. =.="
    then from baby until UTM.. all dont have pic..
    Elaine.. =.="
    u "chut mai" me.. =.="

  13. "ur look first time we met in Uni"I'm curious  and can't wait about this....faster one DONVOLUTION!!! DONVOLUTION!!! Encore---encore-----DONVOLUTION!!!! *with hand waving like crazy women* DONVOLUTION!!!!!

  14. I wave till my arm "tanggal" already................. *try to wave leg pulak this time*....
    Encoreeee~~~encorreee~~~~ *leg coming up and down*  encore....~~~~~~~~ *hopeless*

  15. wave until tangan tanggal, kaki tanggal, kepala tanggal..
    also no use..
    coz i dont have pic with me.. =.="

  16. elaine tam sook ling21/5/09 8:21 PM

    Tangan tanggal ledi....
    Kaki also tanggal ledi...

    Continue wave using head tomorrow!!! =__="

  17. Polly.. when u come to work..
    help elaine to find her head..
    coz sure goyang till tanggal i still no pic1.. =.="

  18. elaine tam sook ling23/5/09 3:11 PM

    No head, no hand, no leg...=__="
    Become hantu already lor.... =__="
    Dolly..please lock your door tonight....or blanket urself wor...same to you too Polly...Hahahhah~