Friday, May 15, 2009

:: Spansion Hunt ::

Hui Juin, Kah Wai (IT), Siew Ping (Planning) and I decided to participate in this internal activity organized by Quality department. And since we had 1-old boy and 3 pretty ladies, so we named our group as Charlie & Angels, mainly to reflect the "Charlie Angels" movie where 3 pretty and sexy ladies fighting and flirting around to get the task done with the help of Charlie as their co-ordinator.

The differences between the real Charlie's Angel and fake Charlie's Angel is

  • "Our Charlie does not have mustard mustache" *original Charlie more handsome right?
  • "Our 3 angels are not wearing bikini and running around the beach" *we only running around Spansion*
  • Our charlie running slower than the angels *and causing me need to act like lion roaring around for him to catch up faster HAHAHHA*
  • And most importantly "We don't flirt around". =__=" *we did TRY to flirt the judges or other male opponents to give the next clue-and it failed completely*

Wa~ Chaaaa~~~ Charlie's Angels.... I took the middle one! hahahah~

Charlie's Angels with Charlie (movie) - i think we should take one similar pose also leh.....maybe like this ---->>>>>>>>












Malaysia-Spansion Version of Charlies' Angel....Can you spot me?? *click for larger view*

Ok, let's continue with the event. We, Spansion Charlie & Angels Team get ready by 5:15pm and ended the whole Spansion Hunt at 6:00pm, by completing 5 challenges, solving 5 riddles completing by collecting 10 clues.

Charlie & Angels Poster

Our 3 Angel and 1 Charlie (at the back)

Preparing for our Spansion Hunt, hmmm..i wonder who tease me that time...Am i scolding people??!! @_@

The Spansion Hunt includes ranges of challenges from breaking the ice, solving charade (word guessing game), running right, left, top and bottom just to collect hidden clues, finding clues which was hidden in a bunch of eath worms, and for the 1st time Hui Juin carry me on her back.

Our hero for the day, Kah Wai who sacrify his teeth+gum blood biting the harden ice (it's really looks HARD!!!) to get our 1st clue.. Poor Kah Wai!

She who is having weight at 59kgs need to carry me who had 5 kgs lesser than hers. Pity her... Actually, i do have intention to carry her, but not sure whether can i fling her on my back, and stand for 20 seconds. Anyway, she made it! KHJ, you're my hero!!

Hang On KHJ!! I know you beh tahan already...Can u see my un-balance leg @__@
But KHJ <-- U looks so HIGH and EXCITED carrying me..Don't you??? Hahahah~

Other than that, we also need to run around Spansion like crazy women, to make sure we get our clues ASAP and treat it as jogging routine (part of slimming plan). I guess we ran too aggresively and our MD, Jerome can't stand of it and asked while we are running passing him..."Why everybody is walking but you guys were running??". I also can't stand and replied with "Would you like to join us??". I guess he showed the SWEAT =___= face, but we already left him behind, continuing our clue-finding!

Us running..can you spot us??? We look "bersemangat" initially

Not enough with the static running action? Click here to see our real life running show!!!

Too bad, we accidentally took the wrong clue which direct to final point with only 3 clues on-hand. We wasted like maybe 10 minutes waiting for nothing, so i fiercely asked for next clue to continue our clue-finding. But we are 10 minutes behind, which enough to be the last team to arrive for final check-point. Gggrrrrr~~~~~~

Anyway, we manage to complete all challenges and grab "8" as our lucky team achievement with the total of 9 teams participation. Yes!!! yes..~~ T.T we are the 2nd top team [FROM BOTTOM]..... So, to cure our sadness for being top 2[FROM BOTTOM], we were served with Free Early Dinner. The menu for the day is Mee Hun, Keropok Lekor, Sandwiches, Ice Syrup and Hot Teh Ice.


Me, with KC Lim (member of Champion for the day)

Lastly, ended with present to be given away to winners as the closing for the event of the day.

Being top 2 [FROM BOTTOM], we took the chances to take pictures [ONLY TAKE PICTURE] with the hamper, even though we cannot own it.

It's time to say BYE BYE...Siew Ping got consolation prizes (which is 2 sandwiches for her husband)

P/S : Thank you Siew Ping, Hui Juin and Kah Wai for your great team-support!! It's a very enjoyable Thursday for me.


  1. Hi Vi, I received you comment :
    "yo, another fun could you want to leave.. lolx! Did you win the challenge, did u, did u??? faster la update. btw, mustard only taste good on hot dogs...... it's mustache...." 
    Dunno why it doesnt appear here...
    Anyway, i don't think it looks like mustache, more to MUSTARD! hahahhaahh~
    There is alot of activities, but but but but...human...human are GREEDY isnt it??? heheheheh~ There is a reason for leave somewhere somehow.....Human...Homo-sapien.......

  2. homo-sapien.. wtf..
    i dont remember that term until u mention it now..

  3. >.<
    I also almost forgotten until i google about it to reply the email..I almost thought we are mamalia...or herbivor...or carnivor....hahahahah~
    Oppsss...You are herbivor!! not homo-sapien.... 8-)

  4. what is "Hot Teh Ice"? HAhahahah! and why u publish my weight here so big!!!!!!!! secret 1 eh!!!!!!

  5. elaine tam sook ling16/5/09 11:29 AM

    Hot = Panas, Teh = Teh, Ice= Ais.....Mean Teh Ais, but hot one...hahhah~ i also dunno...normally people will order teh ice, then think of it's hot, so ma add Hot Teh Ice lor..=___="
    Errr... i also publish my weight what....*indirectly* hahahahahh~ Fair and square.. By publishing ur weight only can show ur determination and "san fu'ness" in carrying heavy me... :p