Wednesday, May 27, 2009

:: Green Diet ::

I've found out that another Nuffnang staff cum blogger (Robb) who manage to cut 40kgs fat from his body in 6 months! And he/she (you'll know what I meant once u go through his blog) looks GREAT after that!! WOW!! And this make him have the confidence to join StarCaleb Model Searching upon that. If you compare before and after, you'll never think of he will have the body he had now.

So, me being someone who always dying to have slimmer body, dig around to know how he had done to cut off the weight. And gladly, i found the secret of his weight loss is GREEN APPLE!! He ate green apples all the times, for thirst quenching, to handle the hungriness, as snack, and everything.

(credit to Robb for sharing)
1st Month
  • Weigh yourself on a weighing scale. Jot it down. Never weigh yourself again, till you complete 6 months.
  • Light exercises, e.g. basketball, jogging (Move your body a lil').
  • ONLY 2 Meals a day, Half ration of carbohydrates, normal ration of others (Goodbye rice! Hello veggie & meat).
  • Bite GREEN Apples to fill your stomach (Red ones are a No-no).
  • No snacks (Bye bye Chocs, candies, etc).
  • No sugar based water (Diet Coke doesn't make the cut!).
  • Survive for this 1 month.

2nd Month till 5th Month (Here comes something drastic!)

  • No exercises. Walking would be just fine cuz..
  • ONLY 1 Meal a day. Half ration of carbs, same for meat and veggie. (Yes, crazy would be a word well suited here)
  • Green Apple would be your best friend now. You're to bite them whenever you feel hungry, mouth itchy and kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.
  • No snacks and sugar based water still applies.
  • Survival in these 5 months would be most crucial as you'll either succeed or fail here.

6th Month (The results and maintenance)

  • Light exercises can be resumed. (I started gym)
  • 2 Meals a day with the same rations for respective food groups.
  • Green Apple is still your best friend!
  • Snacks and sugar based water can be taken sparingly.
  • By all means, step on the weighing machine and make yourself proud reading your new weight.
  • Maintain your results by exploring what you can do, and what you can't.

See, the Green Apple is the key to success in losing weight. Robb, i'm following your way, and stock up a pack of green apples for lunch, dinner, snack or whatever.

I guess it's good to eat more fruits as compare to carbohydrate meal anyway. I will start reducing the amount of rice tremendously. Let's see if it works, knowing i do not have 40kgs to lose anyway.

1 pack RM6.99 from Giant Supermarket

Who's fatter? Me? Apple?? *hahahhah*

*Yummmmmm* An apple a day keeps the doctor away! *hahahha*

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