Monday, May 18, 2009

:: How do i look?? ::

Being hand/ass/hair-itchy, i finally dropped by saloon yesterday for a hair-trimming. I've been in dilemma whether to cut or to remain as it is until it grows longer enough to curl. But since Leong going there for hair cutting, so why not as well i follow him for a trimming and saloon-wash.

While the hair-stylist cutting his hair, i was thinking how should i tell the hair-stylish on what i want for my hair style. I still can't think of any until he finished with Leong and approach me saying "Yes, how do you want me to cut it?". Out of spontan i answered :

"I want to keep long" and
"I want the back not so messy as now" and
"I want it to be stylish"

"I want to cut the fringe" and
"I do not want it to be too short" and
"I want it to be more fringe, so my forehead doesn't looks flat".

So ended up, he cut this for me. =____=" So, the morale of the story is, please know what you want before you dropped by any saloon to sut/trim your hair.

Personally, i don't think it's stylish at all. Leong also said it's too innocent for non-innocent me. *hahahahah*. But, nevermind, i still can bear with it as long as it does not make me looks fatter. =___=" Do you think so?? Or it do make me looks fatter??? wtff!!!!

Before : with longer tail in front:

After : More to cabbage look now *hahahaahh* I mean more innocent look, which looks neat from front

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  1. Got diff me har?
    Actually I'm looking for a new hair style also... hahahaha

  2. Got long tail ledi now... =__=". Not like "fighting-fish" anymore...neh, those colorful fish which used to fight when their partner around leh.....*you know what i meant?*
    And now looks more innocent, whereby previous i looks "ya sui" abit...hahahah~

  3. Do i look like you Polly? Do i look liek you Dolly? Like very similar leh...hahahah~

  4. ho ho ho...
    your hair style and mine are same...
    except mine already become UFO.. =.=

  5. Hhahahahahha~ shit..means i will become like UFO soon??? hahahahhah~~~
    Abit regret cutting it....coz hor...u see will still grow longer and reach the elvel "em jiong em tuin"......i still need to pass that stage... =__="

  6. cut botak la... wahahhhaahah at least it will take longer to go thru that stage...

  7. =__=" Correct also..but wait for it to get long lagi looooooooooooooong oh......
    How ah how ah? How to go through that stage........I beh tahan always tie it up la...not nice also when tie it up........

    Hi Elaine, you look more matured with this new hair style and I think it suits you..... :)

  9. Acun, thanks for not saying i "looks fat with this new look" *son*son*touched*sob*sob*
    But hor, looks mature = looks OLD?????? anyway, i know u meant i looks the other mature, not this mature (OLD)..hehehehhe~

    Yes Elaine :) .......maturity is not about age.....its about the way you think......
    You deserved it :-D

  11. elaine tam sook ling18/5/09 8:40 PM

    Heheheheh~ Ok ok.....i got what u meant...i'm mature (mentally). :)  

  12. Skali gus, cut it short la...then keep it ... then by the time u wanna 'kar' ma ngam ngam hou lo

  13. Hmmmmm....i also wan to cut it short short short short...but but but.....need time to grow longer again...aiii~~~~~~ some more, my chubby look not suit extra short hair...
    If "kar" that time, i can wear wig, or fake long hair extension.hehehehh~

  14. wig?!!
    u not scared ar.. =.=

  15. Errr...scare what? scare i will become $@&*#@(&*# hahahahah~
    Or the wig hair made of "pork" bulu??