Friday, May 22, 2009

:: BIG me ::

It's over a month me with my new hazelnut ..ooppsss...Hazel-colored contact lens. Read here to get to know my previous look. Since, the lens going to expired soon, i bought another pair of lens with Geo brand.

This time, i'm going for more innocent look with black color, instead of other outstanding colors. My intention getting black is hope to make my eyes looks bigger and healthier. *ahahhaha*

Hazel-brownish color lens (a month before)

Black-enlargen-colored lens (now)

I'm wearing code CK-109. Cannot really see the pattern in the middle, maybe due my black pupil. Anyway, it does make your eyes-pupil looks wayyyyyy bigger from it's original one. And you can wear the contact according to your zodiac too (as shown below). =___=" technology nowadays... Very advance...

Will post more samples out to show you all later, contact me if you're interested ok.

CK-Series Lens

Zodiac and cartoon-based Lens

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  1. Hi Elaine, are you wearing spectacles? you looked diffrent :)
    I guess wearing contact lens all the time is not good for our eyes ha.....I heard story from a hospital that there's one lady seeing a doctor for follow-up treatment of her eyes,  her eyes was damaged by the contact lens where the contact lens pushing her retinas to further back behind until the both of her retinas are almost fall off.....I guess we need to check our eyes regularly if we wearing contact lens.

  2. elaine tam sook ling23/5/09 2:36 PM

    Acun, thanks for your concern... :)
    Hmmm....i'm not wearing it all the times, just during day and occasionally. i guess still ok *maybe*
    But what do you mean by "pushing her retinas further back until retinas almost fall off??" serious ka??

  3. whoaamello24/5/09 2:21 AM

    I think the black lenses make eyes look creepy. No offence.

  4. elaine tam sook ling24/5/09 6:13 PM

    Hahahah~~~ Creepy depends how u look at the owner only...

    I hope i doesn't looks like ghost... T.T

    Ya, it's true Elaine.....Eventhough contact lens are small in size but it's quite thick and our eyes are very insert the contact lens infront of your very eyes meaning it will push your retinas further back and in the long run it will damaged your retinas....however this is just me sharing my knowledge and experience and I'm not trying to scared you okay.....

  6. Hmmmm....i did tried to google for "Contact lenses bad effect"....can find good feedback, and good feedback...But the bottomline is.....the cleaniess of wearing it is the most important part..
    Must ensure your hand is dirty to prevent inflammation or infection.....
    Anyone with experiences maybe can share?? :)

  7. T.T
    "Must ensure your hand is CLEAN to prevent inflammation or infection....." <-- correction...HAHAHAHAH~

    Apart from make sure it's clean....regular checking your eyes with the optician/optometrist is another good step also so that you know and you have early warnings. 

  9. ya ya....appreciated your kind advice........But i never visited any optician/optometrist before... T.T
    Need to get to contact one.........Any recommendation?

    Go to normal shops selling degree spectacles or contact lens but I don't know how much they charge it....usually they need a certificate(qualified) to open the shops......i mean to be an ooptician/optometrist....or you can also go to the hospital la... :)

  11. Hmmmm........ok ok......but just go and simply said "Can u check my eyes?" HAHAHHAAH~
    Sounds weird but will try anyway.......Thanks.. Just hope I can wear lens, as i already get used to it by now... :)