Friday, May 08, 2009

:: Curling hair ::

We need something to spice our working life, or at least something to blog. I think this is the reason why Timothy and Audrey created Project #365 to make sure they had something to blog everyday. =__="

Hmmm..let me see...what do i have today....arrr....ok....will blog about my hair style today....

All of of sudden this morning, want to try on different style of hair to go to work, thus tried using another type of hair styler on my Philips HairStyler Set, instead of using the straightener like what i did everyday.

I used the "gerigi" of straightener which will make my hair from straight to become "wavy-pattern". It's very easy and fast, you just need to grab a bunch of your hair, and clip it in 3 ways; top, middle and bottom. And repeat it with few more bunch of hairs. And your whole hair will looks like wavvy from far, once u combine all of bunches together. Sounds complicated? Let's the picture do the talking..

The styling set... I used the 2nd one (from top)

Side view of the hair

Another side view

I started to get boring with my "not-long-not-short" hair, and i looks so like broom with this hair. I want to cut it short (stylish and trendy short), but considering that i want to try to curl my hair (when it gets long enough for me to curl).

Trendy and stylish short hairstyle #01 <--So yau yeng!! it's very trendy and i like the style! don't you?

Trendy and stylish short hairstyle #02 <-- this one more to elegant-type of short hair. Also looks neat...
Long and curly hairstyle #01 <-- also dream to have this type of big curl and wavvy curly hair.....Do you where i can do extension?

If i cut it now, i will need to start from the beginning to wait my hair to grow longer when i decided to get marry. Long hair with gown will looks nicer isnt it.... Shall i cut it? I look nicer with short or long hair? Dillemmmmmaaa~~~~~~

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  1. CUt ur hair after u married and have kids la.... u will hv no chance to keep long hair already.... ur baby will thug at ur hair...
    Since u already keep till this stage lor.. keep it lagi la... just ignore it... very fast only... maybe another 3-6months...

  2. Hmmmmmm......very hard to stand hand and brain always gatal want to drop by the hair saloon everyday...

    Hmmmmm......arrrrrr.....*scratching hand*.......errrrr...arrrr*scracthing again* heehehehh~~~~

  3. if gatal... garuk sekejap enough la...
    no need go cut1 ma..
    but i'll think u will look good in long or short hair also..

  4. aiyo.. belajar sikit la..
    see Elaine so rajin do her hair..
    but u just put your philip set inside for drawer only.. =.="

  5. Hahahahahha~~~
    I do, cause si fat gatal ma.....Polly will do also when her "si fat" also gatal...hahahhah~

  6. hmmmm....which one better? short or long??
    but my hair looks like broom now leh....from the picture u cannot see...the actual one got alot terbang keluar those broom, put in a place/cornet very long ledi...hahaha~

  7. haiyooo...rambut lama lagi cantik la.. or.. u do like tinee haritu.. cun  tuuu..

  8. elaine tam sook ling9/5/09 4:33 PM

    Mariam, rambut mana tu? Yang pendek or yang panjang?

    I pun plan nak curl, but.......stil thinking whether nice or not...hehhehe~ So apa macam, pengantin baru? Lama tak jumpa you online..busy jaga husband ya...hahahha~