Friday, May 29, 2009

:: Mother's Day Card RESULT is out ::

At last, after more than one month waiting, the result for Spansion Mother's Day Card Competition is out today. For those who are following my blog, you guys should know that I'd designed 3 types of Mother's Day cards for the competition, Card Design 1, Card Design 2 and Card Design 3.

The good news is one of my card (Design 1) being selected as the 1st winner. The bad news is one of them (Design 3) failed to be voted into consolation. T_T I expected all 3 of them will at least grab RM10 for consolation prizes. And personally I think my design looks better as compare than other consolations participation. Nevermind la, there is a winner, there is a loser in every competition.

So, the morale of the story is "Don't put too high expectation on the result, but expect the worst, so you will feel with the result" :)

Ok, it's time to reveal the prize award for the day.

1st Prize : RM100 Shopping Voucher
2nd Prize : RM70 Shopping Voucher
3rd Prize : RM50 Shopping Voucher
5 X Consolation : RM10 Shopping Voucher

In total, I will get RM110 Shopping Voucher (it's either Giant, or Jusco). What do you think? It is a big amount? Should I give all to my mom, considering I stole she donate quite alot materials such as fake flowers, fake butterfly decoration, etc etc? Or should I go and buy something and give to her as present? Or should I use it all for my own shopping leisures?? *hahahahhah*

RM110 can buy 1 month supplies of groceries at Giant (if it's Giant's voucher), RM110 can buy 2~3 tops at Jusco (if it's Jusco voucher), RM110 can buy some cheap-china-made electrical appliances at Giant, RM110 can buy 2~3 panties/bras at Jusco, RM110 can buy 2~3 shoes at Jusco, RM110 can buy some car-accessories for my new car, RM110 can ......what we can do with RM110 at Giant or Jusco??

"If to say RM110 is alot, not really. But, if to say RM110 is little, also not really" very hard to judge and determine what we can do with RM110 nowadays. Anyway, back to the card designs, I would like to acknowledge few persons who contribute alot on my achievement today. They are ;

1) Ong Nyok Lan, my beloved mom - again, thanks her for donating the materials for me and the morale support given while I'm preparing the card. She will sit next to me, and give me ideas and valuable comments on what looks good and what doesn't. And thanks for being such a great mom which inspires me on the designs with full of loves and creativity. Thank you, muakksssss~~~

2) Kung Hui Juin and Wong Siew Ping, my truly chum&colleague- for borrowing me their names and photos of their mothers, so I will have the chances to grab other prizes as well (as we only allowed to submit one for each employee). I will not get what I got today, without both you. Thank you, muakksssss~~~

3) Last but not least, thanks to all who are supporting me all the way from the designing, developing, submission until the result is out (sounds abit exaggerating ah?) hahahahahah~Not to forget those who voted for my cards. Anyway, Thanks all!!

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