Tuesday, June 23, 2009

:: Do you want a baby? ::

So the question now is do you like baby? Do you wish to own a baby of you own? Who do you want to have baby with? Will you rather choose baby over your partner?

Some of them whom I interviewed do not want to have baby mainly because they worried baby will steal all the attention for his/her partner, or financially not ready to get a baby, or they just simply hate baby being baby who likes to cry and tapping their legs to get a candies.

Of course some of them who dying to have a baby of their own, they want to leave some "zuriat" of their own in this world before they ends their life, they want to have baby to spice-up their life, they want the baby to change their life, they want baby to make them happy, they just want the baby.

Me myself is between yes and no. I like kids alot, it's so enjoying when you're going through their milestone, from being born to the world, to know how to crawl, walk and run. Especially when you had a cute and adorable baby of your own. Isn't that the greatest moment or the most precious experience you had in your life? But at the same time, I'm afraid to take care of a baby when I don't even had the capability to take care of myself.

I'm very bad in handling bad situation, very bad in handling my emotion as I cried very very I mean really very easily. I know myself being someone who always think too much, always think passively. I know my weakness, and even Leong cannot stand of me now. So, do you think I have the right or capabilities to get a baby later? Patient is very important to take care of a baby, and I know I do not have it now, from what I experiences with him. So, you think will this be one of my future plan?

Anyway, let's enjoy how cute a baby can be. And your heart will get melt immediately you see them smile. :)

Shin Ru , look at yi-yi :) And try smile ok......Awww~ why so cool la...

AAAwwwwww.....lampin as bantal busuk yer... hahah~

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  1. Tapping their legs to get a candies  =__________=”
    Baby cannot do that la..

    and I like baby too.. so cute.. everything so small.. so adorable..
    but I scared too.. =.=”
    I scared to think there is a life inside my skinny tummy.. =.=” [Polly.. pls don’t try to fight to fat tummy]
    I scared when the baby cry 24/7, I will cekik the baby to death.. =.=”
    I scared I will sien when my partner sayang baby more than me..
    Oh.. I am very bad in handling situation too, so don’t worry.. fb said I am plain normal ppl.. so same same.. u are normal too..
    Aiya.. don’t worry too much, girl eventually will grow up to be woman.
    And I am not yet a woman, >.<.. at least I still refuse to admit it.
    So, by that time.. u will know u can..

  2. Some baby is cute, some are not.
    Baby still human, what so special about the baby status leh.. grow up still be a naughty kid, a teenager and make u worry sick.

  3. SR is so cute! Miss my niece la... :)

    A woman will not be a complete one if no kid of her own.
    Think twice if you think you can live without one in a complete family. It's kinda of a once in a live time thingy.

    Maturity will give you all the answer in time to come.

  4. Dolly : Aiii~~~ I also scare I will cekik them, slapping them, kicking them asking them to SHUT UP!!! hahahahh~ And hor, I do think I still think and act like a kid...

    People used to say I like soh por, laughing when talking....just like kid...=__=" Polly, do you think the same???

    Ano : This one sure is Polly, from the way she describe kids. =__="

    Stephanie : Hmmm, agreed, but I still have kid's mentality..how to take care a baby la.... :(

  5. ai....Imagine taking care of 1 kid is troublesome enough. Imagine taking care ur own kid, mean must put in extra effort + cannot simply throw to ppl back when busy, make me wanna scratch my head and go crazy.

  6. cepat ajak leong kahwin la. hahahhaha

  7. Uwa : Ei, kita tak main kahwin kahwin like u one...HHAHAHAHAHh~ Hmmmmm...I should ask you cepat cepat "buat orang"... Hahahahahaah~ Opssss...*18SX! Kids below 18 cannot view this comment, unless get the permission from parents*