Sunday, April 27, 2008

.. Sat late dinner & Sun. Night Supper ..

OMG! I ate supper again...No wonder i'm getting "cute & plumpy".. :)

It's all because of him, he "force" me to eat, as he need accompany when he eat something, so he drag me along...I can't refuse, as i want to eat too...OMG! What i'm saying, i know it's contradicting, but that's what normally happens.. A dilemma between desire and neccessity..

Anyhow, its all in my stomach now, nothing i can do, but just hope to digest and make it "out" as soon as possible. I know abit "geli" but nothing much i can do!

Saturday --> Fried Fish, Asia Cafe Subang

Sunday -->"Lou Shu Fun" + "Yong Tau Fu"-Klang


  1. wah...both also i long time din eat leh...kinda miss the food there....

  2. Nice food. Next time you bring me, I eat your share.