Thursday, April 17, 2008

:.. Good Bye YS Loh ..:

Went for a farewell dinner for YS Loh at The Yuen Steamboat Buffet, at Sunway Mentari.
We reach at 6pm, and started our crazy food party. Each of us takes varieties of available foods, ranges from vegetables, chicken wings, fish balls, oysters, and many more. Total 8 of us, together with 5 planners (Hui Juin is one of them), but too bad they reached quite late, so they decided to sits separately in 2 tables, next to each other.

We eat, chat, laugh, gossip, talk rubbish, talk "kok", bla bla bla it goes our 2 hours dinner. I left early, as Leong reached at 8pm. So i excuse myself, while they continues their chats and eat (maybe 2rd round, 3rd round, 4th round, ...............). Here are some snapshot for the night...

Ladies + one ???? for the night

YS Loh, leaving us soon

Dessert for the night

Showing their macho'ness

He ate 10 pairs of chicken wings (20 pieces)..Fuyoh!!

Don't be greedy, finish those in your mouth 1st.. :p


  1. hoi....
    When is the next makan trip....

  2. Anytime you want...But not at cafeteria canteen...boring ledi....

    So "em seh tak" you leaving Spansion..Remember to keep in touch wo, sending emails, visiting my blog..bla bla bla