Friday, April 25, 2008

:.. "Time flies, but memory Stays"..:

A meaningful phrase from "her", wondering who is she? Yes, she is my eldest sister, Stephanie Tam. Absolutely agree, why? Because we as a human tends to forget things easily, we are human anyway. Thus, we must capture every precious moments, every special moments we had together with our loved one, our beloved family, our treasured friends, and more...The more captured moments we had,the more precious the moments will be..

Not to drag too far, let's enjoy browsing through the special moments captured for Amanda Lee (birthday girl), Stephanie Tam (birthday girl's mom), Lee Guan Kiang (birthday girl's dad), Tam's Family, Cheah's Family, Lee's Family, all our friends and relatives...

The venue for the day, 888 Cafe

Decoration for the day

Foods for the day

Presents for the day

Birthday Girl, "I'm One-with more teeth & hair"

"Ciak, Ciak", Photo Time!

~ More photos @ "My Precious Girl" ~

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