Thursday, April 03, 2008

.. Last Day..C# Training ..

31st Mac 2008 - 4th April 2008...
5 days of training...will be completed at the end of tomorrow..
It's been 5 days in a row, me to be in this training room..
With Mr Renga as the instructor..
With Pang (from Infineon) and Ong(from Shell) as the members for the 5 days course..

Course Material

Ong (Shell) , Me & Pang (Infineon)

--> Triton Training room

Microsoft Official Course, Code 2124C, Programming with C#...
We will receive a course training material and a certificate at the end of this course training..
Not much new things being exposed to me..
As the course outline for this course is to let us understanding the concept of object-oriented programming in C# (arrays, constructors, list, indexers, interfaces, inheritance, etc)..
Not as what i expected from this course...
I thought this class will expose me to more application based tutorials, or sample application..
That should be useful for my application development / enhancement..

That's a mistakes, made by the training co-ordinator..
She should choose the other course (as suggested by Mr Renga)...

More details at this link if you guys outthere are interested in getting similar self-deveopment training...
Remember get to know the course outline in detail, before volunteer yourself for a training, or requesting for a training...

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